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Thread: PerfectTUNES Apple OS X

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    PerfectTUNES Apple OS X

    PerfectTUNES has now been released for Apple OS X. Optimizing your music collection can be a daunting task, from albums missing artwork, duplicated tracks, to corrupted tracks. Correcting these issues can be a time consuming task. No longer, imagine a trained professional on hand to help, PerfectTUNES is that professional:


    Existing dBpoweramp Reference users can purchase PerfectTUNES with a 25% discount, visit:


    With your Reference registration number and click the offer link.

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    Re: PerfectTUNES Apple OS X

    R2.6 Changes

    Removed multi selection capability in add-music-folder dialog, as some users accidentally added each individual artist or album instead of the music folder itself.
    List of music folders is now automatically deduplicated. Adding a parent folder removes subfolders. Subfolders of a folder already listed cannot be added.
    Edit ID Tags dialog: setting a blank field now removes it.
    Edit ID Tags dialog: added acquire-cover-from-scanner.
    Added remove all folders button in music folders list.
    Introduced help buttons in window title bar.
    Fixed incorrect behaviors of edit boxes in ID Tags / Files and Folders / album view.
    Fixed incorrect appearance of help buttons in window title bar on some machines.

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