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Thread: I think my RipNAS has died

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    I think my RipNAS has died

    My RipNAS has been playing up recently. It was refusing to acknowledge CDs that I inserted for ripping. It either spat them out, thinking that they were not an audio disc, or it would just hold on to them without ripping, requiring to be powered down and on again to spit back out.

    Yesterday I was quite happily downloading some music from HD Tracks, when suddenly the HD manager stopped and said that it could not continue downloading music.

    Linn Kinsky cannot find Asset in the playlist library at all.

    I have rebooted it and stuck a monitor in the back of the RipNAS.

    It boots up then it runs a CHKDSK.

    Now the screen is full of lines saying 'File record segment x is unreadable'.

    Any suggestions?


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    Re: I think my RipNAS has died

    Contact your retailer, as the Hard disk drive is faulty.

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