View Full Version : Bug copying ID3V2 and Ogg tags to Lame MP3

08-27-2004, 06:30 PM
In dMC release 11 beta 5, the Lame MP3 encoding is not translating tags correctly when transcoding from MP3 or Ogg:

With an MP3 input file containing only an ID3v2 tag, the ID3v2 tag is dropped but ID3v1 and APEv2 tags are added on the target MP3.
With a FLAC input file, the target file results in ID3v1 and APEv2 tags. It should result in only an ID3v2 tag.
With an MP3 input file containing only an ID3v1 tag, the tag is preserved on the target MP3 but an APEv2 tag is also added.

Note that when I say "APEv2" tags are added, this is as shown in dMC's tooltip. I'm not sure, but the tooltip might be showing the APEv2 tags as the labels are all in upper case. In any case, I don't want APEv2 tags in my MP3's unless they are specifically requested.

Maybe the Lame MP3 options dialog should have checkboxes for ID3v2, ID3v1 and APEv2 so the user can select any and all tag desired tag formats.


08-27-2004, 08:28 PM
Ok, it seems I missed the comment on the post about going to the dMC Configuration to change the ID tag options. So others don't have the same problems, I suggest the following be added to the Lame MP3 dialog near the "Preserve ID tags" checkbox:

Show the current tag conversion option so it will be clear how tags will be handled.
Either add a button to allow changing the tagging options or add some text indicating how to change them by going to the dMC Configuration.

Also, is r11b5a a new release? The date on the forum posting shows June. If so, what's changed since r11b5?


08-30-2004, 04:58 AM
Just id3v2 bug fixes.