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06-12-2002, 01:02 PM
I have searched the forum and couldn't find a similar post, so...

I have a MPG file that is 2 minutes, 33.487 seconds long, using Layer-2 compression on 44.1KHz stereo audio. When I convert it to WAV (also 44.1KHz stereo), it comes out 1 minute, 53.476 seconds long. All of the audio is there, but it is sped up (almost exactly 4:3). The original MPG file plays fine in Media Player, Goldwave, etc., and Goldwave converts it fine. But I would really, really rather do this in the future with dbPowerAmp.

Anybody got any ideas? If any of the moderators would like to see the file, I can upload it.

Thanks all for any help in this matter.


06-12-2002, 03:24 PM
It is the mpg decoder I am using, not so great for films. Visit codec central and install the mp3PRO codec, it should help (besure to follow the installation instructions to the letter)

06-13-2002, 09:40 AM
Thanks, Spoon! I will give that a shot asap.


06-13-2002, 10:16 AM
Does the MP3PRO thing require WinAMP to run? I don't have WinAMP installed (and don't want to install it, if I can avoid it), and so I had to trick the MP3PRO installer into giving me the DLL. Once I got the DLL, I put it in the dBpowerAMP directory and deleted MP3.dll as the instructions described. I then attempted to use dMC, and it crashed with an access violation every time I tried to convert an MPG file. I think I followed the instructions to a T, did I miss something? Or does it actually require WinAMP to run?

Thank you so much for your help!


06-13-2002, 03:01 PM
I think you put it in the wrong directory (move it to the folder listed below) - install the mp3PRO driver from codec central, then put the winamp DLL into the folder it has created - dbpoweramp\multiplayer\input\mp3pro

06-14-2002, 10:30 AM
I think I got that part right. Here is my dir structure:

................Place Winamp in_mp3PRO DLL in This Folder.txt

The original MP3.dll has been deleted, and the in_mp3PRO.dll has been placed in the appropriate directory. Did I miss something that I was supposed to do? Any other ideas?


06-15-2002, 04:04 AM
Yes that looks right, if you run the dMC Configuration program, does it list the mp3PRO input codec, or does it crash also?

06-17-2002, 01:30 PM
dMC Configuration runs fine, and lists the "mp3PRO Input Decoder" along with a long string of mpg-related file extensions.

Thanks for the continuing assistance!

BTW - I can be reached at kgriggs@fast-talk.nospam.com or as 'FizpaWiz' on AIM if you'd prefer a higher-bandwidth conversation.


06-20-2002, 07:20 PM
Spoon? You still there? I am still looking for a way to resolve my crashing problem with mp3PRO. Any ideas?

BTW, I know it is obvious, but remember to remove the "nospam" from the e-mail address in my previous post if you'd like to contact me directly.

Thank you!


06-21-2002, 09:58 AM
I am out of ideas, are you able to try it on another machine?