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08-18-2013, 07:15 AM
To fix album art when the web search doesn't find anything the only option I have is to edit the ID-Tag. I find an appropriate picture, save as folder.jpg but PerfectTUNES doesn't pick it up, only appears to look at ID-Tag files. Am I missing something or could this be considered for a future release?

08-18-2013, 08:31 AM
I have the same problem. I have 2073 tracks with no art. PerfectTunes can't find art for ANY of the tracks - and some of them are pretty obvious such as Billy Idol (Charmed Life), Billy Joel (Greatest Hits) and Black Sabbath (Sabotage)....

I know the tracks are organized correctly as I have used MediaMonkey to organize my library and tag all the tracks. I can do a Google search and find art which I then paste into the ID tracks. I'm starting to think that the Album Art portion of PerfectTunes is pretty useless and needs a lot more work. It'd be good if you could augment the art search databases. I find wikipedia has almost anything I need....

08-18-2013, 10:58 AM
2 different issues:

@gary - when you click fix for the Billy Idol (Charmed Life) album, what is shown exactly in the lower left search text box?

>I find an appropriate picture, save as folder.jpg but PerfectTUNES doesn't pick it up

If you are only saving folder.jpg and still have left the old art as embedded? then you have 2 different arts.

08-18-2013, 11:10 AM
If you are only saving folder.jpg and still have left the old art as embedded? then you have 2 different arts.

Yes, that's fair enough, but would be good after pressing fix to have the option of loading a file if nothing suitable found via browsing with the active album folder.jpg as a single click option maybe? Similar to in dbPoweramp.

08-18-2013, 12:30 PM
Yes the next release will have this.

08-23-2013, 05:36 PM
I have several problems with PerfectTUNES. Let me mention only Album Art:
1) 1400x1400 art from PerfectTUNES does not download, error "cannot fix"
2) Auto fix album art does not work because it wants to use 1400x1400 art from PerfectTUNES which does not download.
3) Same as others, adding a picture Folder.jpg is not recognized
4) Many bugs with crashing, cursor appearance, windows 7, etc
It ended up that it is the same work as doing it manually in iTunes or so. I hope an update will be fixing this soon.

08-24-2013, 03:24 AM
Lessor resolution art does download?

If you write a folder.jpg to get it to appear, you have to do a full database clear and rescan.

08-25-2013, 02:20 PM
No, lesser resolution did not download. It is working now, so I think your server was down, and in that case it should use other servers rather than error out. Maybe I also reset data base, don't remember.

Another problem found: This seems compatible only with jpg. Other image formats like png and tif do not work.

08-25-2013, 02:39 PM
The server has not been down in the last week, if you saw the small thumbnail art, it came from the same server.

Perhaps you had security software which was blocking the download?

Folder.png or folder.tif are not standards, only existing folder.jpg would be picked up.

08-25-2013, 07:03 PM
Thanks for quick response. You're right, it might have been security s/w when I was in the office.

Some suggestions for future updates for Album Art below. I am not that kind of person who buys every software around for every little fix. I rather spend money on other stuff so I am stuck with what I have now. I really love the music converter and expected the same level of sophistication with PerfectTUNES. But I have not taken into account that this is release 1.
a) As previously mentioned, offer to use folder.jpg as ID tag. Needed when no album art found. (And add other picture formats like png and tif)
b) Add other fixes of meta data. For example I still find albums in my collection without Album Artist specified. Also compare all meta data with dbpoweramp's data base and offer changes. (I have most stuff ripped with iTunes and typed in manually for some songs. Would be helpful to amend more data.)
c) Allow dbpoweramp to downsize album art resolution for conversion. High res pictures may take as much memory as the music for lossy formats. (Should be in different forum, I know)
d) Program is taking a long time to start up. If it is checking on the network or whatever, give a little pop uo so I know whats hapening.

08-26-2013, 03:41 AM
c) dBpoweramp can resize art, there is the ID Tag processing DSP effect with this option.