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05-15-2010, 04:24 AM
I have a strange problem, and was wondering if you could help (or if you've seen anything similar)

I originally had 2 albums by Al Di Meola, then recently added 2 albums with Album Artist tag of "Al Di Meola,John McLaughlin,Paco Delucia".

Since then, I have 2 Album Artist entries under Al Di Meola in the "Contemporary" Genre, with all 4 albums listed.. but in the Album Artist tree (before being sorted by Genre) there is only 1 Al Di Meola entry.

I have many other "A,B,C" type multi-artist tags, but this is the only one that has such problems.

Tried a "Refresh All" Rescan of library, but still the same issue.
I would understand if there were two Al Di Meola entries but each with only 2 albums, but since they both show all 4 ... I'm at a loss for troubleshooting.

Not a big problem, but ... any ideas?
Thanks for your help

05-15-2010, 07:12 AM
All I know is this is not likely a problem in Asset v3 as it had that area totally re-designed.

05-15-2010, 10:29 AM
I'll be anxiously awaiting the release of v3 then.
Sounds like there's a major event coming (if I read the beta forum post correctly)