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02-16-2008, 10:01 PM

I just bought DBpoweramp reference to rip my 1000 CD collection into my hard disk. I decided to use WMA lossless for no particular reason other that I have a Windows XP PC and a MP3 player that support WMA lossless.

I'm trying to rip "Peter Gabriel - So". The CD is on AccurateRip database, but mine must be a very old pressing because DBpoweramp reports in all the tracks "X AR (12) i Secure". I think it means the ripping is OK, but the reported CRC is not.

I have the flag 'After Encoding Verify Audio' on.

Anyway, only the last track '09 - This Is the Picture (Excellent Birds)' gives me:
Error ripping to Windows Media Audio 10, 'Track 9' to '09 - This Is the Picture (Excellent Birds).wma' Error audio file failed verification '09 - This Is the Picture (Excellent Birds).wma'.

I also tried ripping to WAV using DBpoweramp and EAC, then use DBpoweramp to convert to WMA Lossless, but I got the same error with both .WAV.

The strange thing is that if I use Apple Lossess as a codec, DBpoweramp rip and verify this track without error or problem.

Should I re-rip my CDs (so far) using another lossless CODEC (Apple, Wave, FLAC, etc).

I founds this thread, but got no conclusion of what to use from here:


02-17-2008, 04:54 AM
I have seen a comment on this forum that there is a known bug with the window lossless format that it sometimes appears to lose a few bytes in the output file.

02-17-2008, 06:49 AM
The WMA file will be missing a few samples from the end, that is all.

02-17-2008, 06:19 PM
Thanks for the tip people.

Today I ripped 'Eminem - Curtain call - the hits' to Wave (uncompress .WAV). Based on DBpoweamp all tracks were AccurateRip so no problems here (is a brand new CD after all).

Then, I selected all tracks, right-click and using DBpoweramp converted to WMA Lossless. OF course with "After Encoding Verify Audio" enabled.

track 10, 15 and 17 failed to verify. I converted back track 17 to .WAV and compared to the oroginal .WAV using an HEX comparison viewer.

There is an HEX number in the 6th position (header I think): 0x94 in the original and 0x95 in the copy back from WMAL file.

Then, beginning in 0x013D8638 to 0x013C02C there is a huge chunk of data that is different. That's a lot of data!!! Is this what you call 'a sample'? Why is in the middle?????

So far I ripped only 10 CD from my collection, but I asking you guys if is wise to continuing using WMAL. Do you have a better suggestion? Different data in the middle of the .WAV make me paranoid!

If you are interest I uploaded a "17-Stan.ZIP" file that contain the three audio files, the original .WAV, the .WMA (lossless) and the converted back to .WAV. Is huge (166MB) so be patient please.

username: anonymous

thanks for your patient. And DBpoweramp Ref is excellent! Better than EAC. It worth the money....