View Full Version : strange condition on cd????

05-18-2006, 04:57 PM
I'm running WinXP Home, SP2

I burnt a new cd (mp3 audio cd 700mb). The burn was successful for all
196 songs, no problem there.

On looking at the cd contents on my PC, what i see is a large list of each
song (each song title begins with a dash), no dash ("-") is in the song
title on my harddrive.

At the very end (of the pc screen), i see a "B" that list 2 songs under it.
then a "C" that list 2 songs under it, a "D" with 1 song,then an "M" listing
1 song followed by a "V" also listing 1 song. The songs titles under a
letter, begin with that letter.

Songs with a dash at the beginning of each of the title (189 songs like

Baby Wont You Come Out Tonight - BH.mp3
Beach Boys - I get Around.mp3

ComonMaryanne - FV.mp3
CrazyLove - PA.mp3


Marlena - FV.mp3

Various - JeannieJeannieJeannie.mp3

Note: The solid line under each letter, fades out from left to right.
Note: The dashs on the CD, in the larger bunch, was always at the
beginning of each song but do not appear in the title on the harddrive.

Dont understand why just these few songs were broken out and
logged as though they were in different folders?? Pretty sure it will
have something to do with the dashes but what???

The CD plays all the songs ok (havent checked the car mp3 player yet)
but why the strange breakout??


05-19-2006, 08:38 AM
Perhaps something to do with the ID Tags of those files.

05-19-2006, 01:06 PM
Seems like anything on the left of a dash "-" is picked up as the artist
and anything on the right is picked up as the title.

multiple dashes in a title dont change this rule.
xxxx-aaaa-bbbb-cccc-dddd would show xxxx as the artist and the rest
as the title.

I went through all my music and changed all dashes to underscores.
problem solved.

Will check with windowsbbs about the strange screen display.

thanks, spoon,

05-19-2006, 02:00 PM
That sounds like one of the view features in Windows XP. I believe its the "Group" option or something. Try changing it to "Detail" or "list" and it should quit.

05-19-2006, 03:35 PM

Youre right on it!

The MVP over at windowsbbs said it was because i had somehow got
a check in the Arrange Icons By > Show in Groups and turned it on.

Dont remember ever having it on (or turning it on but, hey, i'm old!).

Turning it off put everything back to normal.

Thanks, guys,