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  1. FLAC vs M4A
  2. PC crashing when ripping
  3. Some minor log file quirks
  4. Missing 2 tracks on CD Ripper but can see them in iTunes
  5. Changing Existing Naming Variables
  6. Couple of quick questions please
  7. PerfectTunes changed confidence rating
  8. Different offsets on same disc
  9. Order of ripped tracks
  10. Buggy freedb lookup?
  11. PerfectTunes say two files corrupted on website download
  12. CD Ripper stopped working?
  13. How to get CDRipper recognize a CD-Rom on a networked computer
  14. does beta version use ANSI for flac ripping
  15. PerfectTUNES Accurate Rip
  16. Please explain how this script works
  17. Cloning a profile in CD Ripper?
  18. Need help configuring EAC naming like the default dBpoweramp script pls
  19. Ripping CD to 2 Seperate Files in Different Codecs?
  20. Writing Rip Status to a Tag?
  21. Converting with AccurateRip
  22. Google Music Upload Problem
  23. Suddenly won't rip
  24. Ripping album errors on last track, same track individually appears ok?
  25. I want a non beta version of dbpoweramp on my pc
  26. computer froze & chnged the label fild to organization
  27. Some General ripping questions...
  28. Newbie Problem - All CDs All Tracks Rip Insecure
  29. Saving dBp output.
  30. Artist sorting oddity
  31. AccurateRip - Different Confidence Same CD, Different Drive
  32. Conversion to mp3?
  33. No C2 support
  34. After Encoding Verify Written Audio
  35. Lite-On iHDS118 doesn't work with dBpoweramp, but fine with iTunes
  36. CDRipper and one-track CDAs
  37. Dumbest Question Ever? How To Access "Configure Accuraterip" dialog box?
  38. File Naming problem?
  39. Hidden Tracks?
  40. Concept album without gaps
  41. Must always manually "Choose Art"
  42. Weird Confidence Number
  43. Double CDs
  44. Changing Meta Data
  45. Need help with configuring my drive offset
  46. what dose this mean
  47. USB hubs
  48. pulling hair out ripping audiobooks...
  49. : --> ; Bug in CD Ripper
  50. Group opinion on naming....
  51. Smart Capitalize Tags
  52. ? in song titles
  53. Program hangs.
  54. Core converter error message
  55. Naming Scheme
  56. Lame 3.99.5
  57. Track Number Format?
  58. Artist with "The" prefix e.g. "The National"
  59. Ultra Secure 2nd Pass
  60. Different Confidence Levels
  61. Error On All CDs: "Error opening file, check no other program has it open."
  62. Toshiba SuperMulti Calculated Drive Offset Different from Accuraterip Offset Database
  63. Show track number as x/yy format in WMA files
  64. Ripping With Cd Ripper
  65. HL-DL-ST DVDRW GS31N Read/Write Offset
  66. FLAC IDTag Padding - Please explain
  67. No CD Drive Found
  68. Ripping Sermon CD's
  69. Just upgraded
  70. Freezes while contacting AccurateRip
  71. Reading Past AccurateRip Results
  72. Unknown song tags
  73. Manual access to AR database.
  74. When does an AccurateRip submission add to the confidence rating?
  75. Renaming Folders
  76. Featured artists
  77. Force PerfectMeta to retrieve specific data?
  78. Configure dBpoweramp To Write ID3Vx Tag on Ripping FLAC Files
  79. Where does getpopupinfo store its data?
  80. Unable to Play.....The track is not encoded correctly
  81. What am I Doing Wrong?
  82. Cache and C2 pointers on HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GT30N
  83. Meta Data custom tag question
  84. HDCD flag
  85. Very scratched cd
  86. Identifying where the problem is on an insecure rip
  87. how to detect files from ones that have ID-Tag "AccurateRip: Inaccurate"
  88. Ripping an old CD-R
  89. How can I rip directly to NAS?
  90. CD Ripper Not Responding
  91. Album Art Work is being ripped differently by each song
  92. Ripper crashes when a CD is inserted for ripping
  93. How to confirm if 20bit processed CD has been successfully ripped
  94. Missing: AMG Ratings and AMG Styles in MP3 files
  95. Second folder with cover art being created for *some* CDs
  96. CD Riper 14.3 HELP needed - Correct Settings for highest possible sound quality
  97. CD Error ripping to FLAC
  98. Is there an easier way to Rip As One?
  99. What's up with the album element
  100. CR Ripper v14.3 Adds a Semicolon to the End of Each Comment Line
  101. Incomplete uploads into iTunes at times
  102. Encoding error?
  103. Track order after ripping
  104. Ripping to Ogg, problems?
  105. BUG: installer issues.
  106. Aiff Encoder issue since upgrade.
  107. Naming scheme: How to add artist only in compilation albums?
  108. FAILS: BEN HARPER - Diamonds on the inside
  109. Add Disc to Album not working
  110. Every audio cd comes up with errors
  111. Best settings?
  112. Accuraterip error message
  113. Can't get this to work on my laptop - error messages
  114. playing with a PS3
  115. can't retrieve tags
  116. Music Collection won't read tags generated by CD Ripper
  117. loosing control of the ripping process?
  118. between different listening wav flac aiff
  119. MultiEncoder MP3 and FLAC, Replay Gain
  120. ReplayGain settings
  121. Problems with V2.4 tags
  122. CD Ripper: Cannot read UPC or ISRC with Intel RSTe drivers installed.
  123. Ripped tracks show "Explicit" tag in iTunes
  124. Typo in Setup Guide
  125. Chinese Characters?
  126. Ripping FLAC with no titles?
  127. Possible increment track number for sets?
  128. Ripper not detecting CD
  129. Bob Dylan's Tempest - Not Accurate Rip?
  130. Why does the "Accurate" logo disappear from some tracks after ripping is complete?
  131. Won't rip securely . . . now what?
  132. Slash character as a delimiter for multiple values in ID3v2.3
  133. Clarifiying needed for ReplayGain (apply)
  134. AR Rip Confidence 1 Question
  135. Cannot renew subscription
  136. Trial is not going well at all...
  137. Is Accurate Rip Result Per Track Different Between Mp3 And FLAC
  138. [Bug] - TIFs won't be listed as available formats for album covers
  139. David Sanborn discs won't rip.
  140. Can PerfectMeta read data from cdplayer.ini, CATraxx or MusicLibrary?
  141. SOME folder icons not showing artwork on them.
  142. Audio book
  143. WAV vs Flac
  144. Best Naming Convention?
  145. Ripping to alac - itunes - sonos. any perceived problems? Tags?
  146. BUG - CD Ripper list of genres - Please correct spelling!
  147. How to eliminate "The" from a string
  148. VERY disappointed!!!
  149. 24bit FLAC
  150. Glitches at CD access points
  151. Re insatall CD Ripper
  152. Unable to rip securely
  153. CD won't AR verify
  154. OGG won't play in VLC.
  155. Order of conversion
  156. Trying to rip Pink Floyd Boxed Set (Shine On)
  157. Flac levels - purpose
  158. CD Ripper. Album Metadata. Album Name missing on random tracks ==> iTunes Mess
  159. Plextor PX-40 TSI / Ultraplex 40 max
  160. Can't make AccurateRip because of some issues (XLD + CDParanoia)
  161. Album art
  162. accidently bought myupgrade to 14.3, when I already bought it in 2011, refund
  163. Problem with custom tags
  164. Scanning Issue
  165. Totaltracks and Tracktotal in flac
  166. dbpoweramp stops running
  167. Compilation Albums
  168. dBpoweramp CD Ripper Crashing
  169. Can't rip faster than 8x
  170. PerfectMeta - Tag Retrieval and Mapping
  171. How can dbPoweramp ripping proces retrieve ID3 tags from own database?
  172. Huge number of frames to re-rip
  173. Can't get ID Tag Processing DSP to work
  174. J. River Media Center17 cannot read AIFF tags created by dBpoweramp CD Ripper
  175. Dumb Question I know, but I forgot.....Replay Gain.
  176. Burst mode vs Secure mode aborted
  177. Plextor Premium 2 vs Plextor PX-230A
  178. Law Office of Michael A. Ziegler
  179. Ripping Speed
  180. getting an accurate rip from badly scratched audio CD rip from burned copy?
  181. Cannot find or move ripped file
  182. Album artwork
  183. Track Length???
  184. When Ripping...
  185. Is it possible to only update metadata with CD Ripper?
  186. dBPoweramp CD Ripper does not remember its size/position on a second monitor
  187. Inaccurate rip but consistent (green) CRC
  188. "Upgrade" to Windows 8 Problem
  189. tags shown by LINN DSM but no music played
  190. AccurateRip won't configure
  191. Recommended external drive?
  192. PerfectTunes accuraterip : track different length than cd original for all my library
  193. A novice question
  194. Recommend an Internal Drive - Please!
  195. Naming Issue and How things show in PS Audio's eLyric software
  196. How to Install "Family Pack" on second computer?
  197. ripping to Flac problems
  198. Secure extraction log - write to file not working
  199. cpu encoding seems to be hanging around 90-99%
  200. Ripping HDCDs: Best practices?
  201. Metadata is taking a long time
  202. Very small FLAC files (that won't play)
  203. Where does AR get the CRC required to calculate the pressing offset for a disc from?
  204. Best ripping format for future encoding?
  205. Not able to automatically add ripped files to itunes with Version 14.3
  206. CD Ripping in Linux - cannot find CD Drives
  207. Experiencing weird problems tonight
  208. Same rip, one universal comment + individual track comments?
  209. Cannot find ISRC
  210. Rip to single file
  211. Best optical drive for CD ripping? Is my LG 4163B ok? C2 but poor error correction.
  212. Ripper won't complete last 2 tracks of any CD
  213. Annoying Popping Noise between each music track ?
  214. Ripper displays boxes instead of Korean characters.
  215. Problem ripping with dbPowerAmp 14.3 on Macbook Pro?
  216. HDCD rip reading as error, whereas non HDCD DSP rip reads as accurate.
  217. Ripping in Wav
  218. Cannot set Secure in ripping methods options
  219. cmd window lame.exe
  220. custom genres template?
  221. Problem with ripping dbp 14.3 and Plextor PX-L890UE
  222. Lost rip logs
  223. AccurateRip groups
  224. Rip hangs during encoding (on one track only)
  225. AccurateRip Extraction Log meanings..
  226. Popup Window after a successful rip - eliminate it?
  227. Last track always have to re-read frames
  228. Question about optical lens
  229. Local Cache Does Not Cache All FLAC metadata
  230. track reports accurate but still shows error log?
  231. wrong cover art
  232. How to Fix a Scratched CD?
  233. occasional hang on CPU encoding
  234. DB Poweramp deleting files problem
  235. DSP 16bit, right or wrong?
  236. Put in GD3 user/pass?
  237. Missing album art jpeg in mp3 files
  238. Help to rip CD
  239. Metadata Button in 14.3 Ripper?
  240. Problems ripping
  241. No CD Drive Found
  242. Ripping with inaccurate results
  243. Curious to hear thoughts on odd rip and poor quality results...
  244. ComposerSort - Unable to use
  245. [IFMULTI] not working when in [MultiEncoder]
  246. DBPowerAmp and Windows 8
  247. J.River Media Center Ver 17.0.186 cannot play wav file ripped by dB
  248. What are the various "rip status" meanings and how do I determine what they mean?
  249. Ripping on more than one drive - Options seem to effect all open instances of program
  250. File Naming Question