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  1. Converting flac to wav
  2. Music Converter Won't Write a Playlist
  3. How about a DRM removal option for the music converter?
  4. Cannot add M4A (ACC) Nero encoder
  5. M4A (AAC) encoder profile for ipods?
  6. Converting lossless m4a to lossless WMA. Some files can't be played by WMP?!
  7. Sample rate conversion - enabling professional frequency conversion
  8. Mapping of metadata between file formats
  9. TAK (Tom's lossless audio) support
  10. Why is dMC taking up more than 20GB of disk space?
  11. Music Converter doesn't work, trial expired?
  12. Converting high definition flac files to 16 bit/44.1 KHz aiff for an iPod Classic
  13. Paragon HSF for Windows and dbPowerAmp question.
  14. Multi Encoder
  15. Converting 16/44 wave to 24/96 FLAC
  16. Can't Get Started with Music Converter. Basic Instructions?
  17. How To Automatically Create New Folder For Converter Files With Same Name As Original
  18. Batch converter wma lossles to mp3
  19. Lossless conversion of AAC to MP4
  20. R14.3 beta to R14.2 official
  21. Flac --> AAC conversion
  22. about the recently introduced EBUR128 replay gain (EBUR128 Normalize DSP)
  23. Lower than expected bitrate for WAV->WMA conversion
  24. Convert Flac to AAC-LC but sony walkman Z series does not recognize the file
  25. WMA > MP3 problem
  26. ID3v2.4 Tag Information not showed in Audio Properties & Pop-up Information Tips
  27. Export album art changes file
  28. dBpowerAMP Music Converter R11.5
  29. Mp3
  30. Covertin from Wav to Dalet
  31. Apple Lossless to FLAC conversion
  32. How do I get the Album Art into the Converted File ?
  33. Gets Pop up info has stopped woriking
  34. dmc Aux Input Error Message
  35. Keeping Music Converter From Quitting
  36. Batch Converter: Want to make sure I understand Replay Gain
  37. Convertin Trial Version to Registered Version
  38. Converting FLAC to AAC - WTF?
  39. Error converting files in foreign language (Japanese)
  40. Bad day blues
  41. dbpa NAME Scripting
  42. dbpa NAME Scripting - Issue with Dialogs
  43. dbpa Meta Data Window
  44. Problem with gapless playback after conversion
  45. overwrite files
  46. wav to FLAC error
  47. Power Amp wont change id tags
  48. Track Order on Media Devices after Conversion
  49. Trim function not working properly
  50. Arrange Audio error message
  51. Will it run on a Virtual Server?
  52. Problems resampling from 176kHz tp 96kHz
  53. Windows 8 conversion issue
  54. 3GPP-files: How can I convert them to MP3 Lame?
  55. Can you change FLAC 24 bit to 16 bit while lowering sample rate?
  56. URGENT~ which version should i purchase for the MacBook Pro 10.5 or newer
  57. Acc and MP3 Lame question
  58. Error ripping to FLAC : PLEASE, HELP ME!
  59. album art on ogg
  60. WAV RIFF CART Chunk Conversion
  61. Increase volume after ripping
  62. Exporting Album Art from .ogg Vorbis wont work
  63. Sound Quality After File Conversion from Stereo to Mono
  64. Forced Reboots
  65. 14.3 lyrics mapping in FLAC to mp3 conversions still broken
  66. Process / settings for FLAC>AAC that will retain cover art?
  67. registration retrieval won't accept my email address
  68. How Do I Edit The Genre List
  69. AAC bitrates can go higher?
  70. FLAC -> Apple Lossless (24 bit jumps to 32 bit)
  71. convert 3ga format to mp3
  72. Converting iTunes files to flac
  73. International (Scandinavic) characters lost in conversions and ID Tag editor
  74. Frauenhofer encoder version
  75. Error message stating "mp3 (Fraunhofer) requires a dBpoweramp reference license
  76. How can I display AND export all tags in a file?
  77. after 1 month of use batch converter can not open files?
  78. First thoughts
  79. Album Artist tied to Compilation-flag
  80. Naming Conventions
  81. "/" in track title or album title when converting to Nero AAC
  82. Convert from m4v to mp3, wav, etc?
  83. ID tag editor is slow to respond/hangs with a long lyrics tag
  84. s-store frustrations
  85. False positive from Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
  86. WMA auto verify fails
  87. "Convert tag from filename" all into "title"
  88. Ie8 compatability
  89. Temp files
  90. FLAC to ALAC for iPod - BitDepth and Resample necessary?
  91. Old lame commands not working for v3.99.5 in CLI Encoder
  92. Metadata issue with Release 14.3
  93. ALAC to FLAC Results In Static
  94. ID Tag Processing action doesn't work as I would expect
  95. How to change the default Lame encoder parameter to " -q 0 "
  96. [Calculate Audio CRC] plug-in returns unexpected MD5 values.
  97. FLAC to AAC Bit Depth Conversion Issues
  98. Converted WMA to FLAC doesn't get the folder.jpg as album art
  99. 24 Bit WAV to FLAC
  100. Error report converting .aif to .m4a - 'Error Chunk is out of file.'
  101. 27GB in size - Anyway to slim this down?
  102. Increase volume for MP3 player that doesnt support Replay Gain
  103. Batch capabilities?
  104. [REQ] - Larger UI fonts
  105. Looking for SoX plug-in
  106. Testing a large (ALAC) library
  107. EBU R128 -> RG tags ?
  108. ebur128 error
  109. Wav converting to m4a error, only saves as aac.
  110. Converting to uncompressed FLAC not always uncompressed
  111. Results of batch conversion?
  112. Is there a way to batch convert .IMG files to Flac or MP3
  113. ANSI text encoding issue (R14.3 Trial)
  114. BUG? All replay gain tags stripped when converting FLAC ->> WMA lossless
  115. Confused with Coreconverter parameters and final result
  116. keeping some of the original path & steamline tag from filename
  117. Tagging from filenames whilst converting...
  118. Batch Converter settings?
  119. FLAC Conversion Error
  120. Music Converter ammending track titles with "/" in them
  121. Music Converter - Loss of Flac Recognition
  122. Convert files preserving creation date and time
  123. adding metadata to an existing 24/96 WAVE file
  124. No audio files selected for conversion error
  125. Orig file name in strings
  126. Convert 24 bit ape files to 24 bit flac files
  127. Channels setting
  128. Error trying a DTS to MP3 conversion
  129. Slashes changing from / to \ when using ID Tag Processing
  130. dMC can't find album artist in .wav files in most cases
  131. Converter shooting to 100% cpu and stuck on writing tags
  132. Error Cannot Create Wave Decoder (FAST Multimedia DVM (ACM decoder not installed))?
  133. Converting high quality MP3
  134. Converting .wav to .wma in C* DMC.COnvert
  135. 24 bit wav to FLAC?
  136. FLAC to ALAC error
  137. Converting music with dBpoweramp adds silence at the beginning & end of tracks
  138. dMC log file
  139. How to tag flac files with meta data?
  140. Converter freezing on 3 files of mine
  141. Version Inquiry
  142. Can I convert mp2 files?
  143. Corrupt fields in MP3 converted using V13.5.0.2 on Windows 7 Pro 64-bit
  144. R13 system requirements
  145. R13 Missing 'Edit ID Tags' in Explorer
  146. R13 Bug: Uninstall fails to completely uninstall
  147. Batch converter List view - "Invert Selection" command
  148. R14.3 won't read "Initial Key" in ID tags
  149. rewriting of id3 tags
  150. What conversion parameters for best music quality?
  151. Source filename as tag in destination
  152. Update ID tags only - no music conversion
  153. classical music gets explicit tag added when converting?
  154. Truncated MP3 Files
  155. Channels
  156. Assistance required to start converting CD collection to FLAC
  157. Again on AAC vs MP3
  158. ISRC READ Problems DMC R14.3
  159. All converted files in my iTunes library have been labelled "Explicit" by iTunes 11
  160. Offline activation
  161. ID-Tag update Command line
  162. How to convert albums, or artists with multiple albums, without converting each track
  163. Noise / static between tracks on usb
  164. Windows 8 and multiple cores/processors
  165. Upgraded to 14.3...Converter now "chipmunks" the song...
  166. Feature Request: Batch convert a .M3U playlist
  167. Editing tags recently started to crash dBpoweramp
  168. Shell Integration / Context Menus Missing on Windows 7 x64 (Ref 14.3)
  169. A riddle wrapped up in an enigma - conversion errors
  170. Silent Install switches for dbpoweramp and codecs
  171. Batch converter to a new folder
  172. Windows 8 and music converter
  173. Replaygain Tag
  174. Question about converting FLAC files and ReplayGain
  175. command line to run "convert to" menu handler
  176. File tags appear, disappear, and reappear...please explain
  177. Idiot Question - Tags and Converting WMA to FLAC
  178. Ripping path and name schemes - need help!
  179. Context menu batch convert on Windows 8 - cannot select more than a few folders?
  180. [Feature Request] - Batch Converter - Enhancing folder selection
  181. [Feature Request] - Music Converter - Save folder templates
  182. HELP! - Converting WMA to FLAC
  183. Cannot download dbpoweramp reference!!!
  184. Year data missing after conversion
  185. Does the program support 8 bit WAV files?
  186. 24 bit to 16 bit conversion??
  187. Get error message when instaling power pack
  188. Missing information in Audio Properties
  189. Batch Converter - update/refresh function
  190. no "Convert to" in MC right click dropdown menu
  191. Bug(?) in pop-up information behavior
  192. convertring to m4a
  193. runtime error
  194. Norton rejecting r14.3 download as unsafe! Malware aboard?
  195. Compability With Windows Server 2003
  196. High Pitched sound when converting FLAC -> ALAC
  197. Nero m4a bitrate options question
  198. Cyrillic characters lost during conversion of M4A to WAV.
  199. Batch Convert Issue. Too large of a flac library.
  200. sendto menu
  201. Metadata Missing Post Conversion
  202. halb27's: Lame, a functional extension
  203. 'convert to' context menu handler
  204. Suppress Tag creation?
  205. Inability to convert files in some sub-folders
  206. Can Music Converter (or CDRipper) rename and rearrange music without converting?
  207. Random bursts of white noise generated
  208. Problem Ripping directly to AIFF Format
  209. "File error reading chunk" if try converting hdtracks aif 176/24 to ANYTHING else
  210. QAAC CLI Encoder errors.
  211. MP3 with ID3v1, ID3v2.3 and APEv2
  212. Covert mixed library to MP3 for use in Car
  213. Can someone please explain [highestqualitydecode] and [noallowfloat] ?
  214. Custom Tag problem
  215. "dbPowerAmp-Codec-OggVorbis.exe is not a valid Win32 operation"
  216. Only getting noise when converting to Apple Lossless (m4a)
  217. FLAC Checker ?
  218. Converting FLAC to ALAC, Preserving ID Tags
  219. ID Tag Processing DSP
  220. CBR or VBR ?
  221. Not able to convert MS ADPCM to MP3
  222. Calculate Audio CRC - AR v2
  223. Apple lossless converter settings
  224. Batch Converter ignoring restricted character conversion setting
  225. Change Album tag value during conversion?
  226. Edit ID-Tag crashes
  227. Batch Converter Unfinished Folders Temp Files
  228. how to convert
  229. flac to mp3 artwork
  230. ID Tag processing DSP
  231. Wav-2-m4a
  232. wma to mp3
  233. m4a Conversion Adding Short Gap
  234. WAV - APE: Markers & Regions
  235. Cover Art when converting from WMA
  236. Set only a max. bitrate
  237. batch converter different number of files
  238. VST Scan error
  239. [Feature Request] Any chance you'll consider adding LossyWAV?
  240. aac nero scripting parameter definitions
  241. batch conversion / sync
  242. iTunes Soundcheck
  243. Problems with Windows 8 and dBpoweramp Music Converter
  244. Using dbPoweramp to convert .wav files WITH metadate
  245. Missing Album Art and MonkeyMote
  246. modify strings right to left
  247. Convert mp3 freeformat 384 Kbps files
  248. My program is saying it can't convert to FLAC, WHY?
  249. .WAV to iTunes
  250. The best format