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  1. Triple-click: select all
  2. Automatic rip when sufficient tags are found
  3. REQUEST - Standalone CD TOC App
  4. Hopefully supports .ots extension
  5. Trim filename and path to x number chars
  6. Wishlist R13.x/R14
  7. Request : "PROPER" alternative to UPPER and LOWER
  8. DSP: Audio CD - Hidden Track Silence FLAG
  9. Masstag existing tracks/ library
  10. Despararate Request - Accurate/Inaccurate Directories
  11. AAC Bitrate limit
  12. My one request....ability to copy & paste sectors
  13. Archive trimmed silence, unwanted songs
  14. Batch Converter suggestions
  15. Open up DSP architecture
  16. Illegal filename chars AND batch convert
  17. "Compare" option in addition to overwrite-or-not
  18. Using the ripper to evaluate drive
  19. dBpoweramp Batch Converter: conditional processing
  20. Capitalise All Words In Naming
  21. New player
  22. H2cdimage for Audio CDs?
  23. Chapters for M4B audiobooks
  24. Improved AMG Licensing
  25. Batch Ripper Reporting
  26. PerfectAlbumArt
  27. Additional options in dynamic file name ...
  28. Mouse-free way to edit my chosen metadata values
  29. dBPowerAmp Linux
  30. DVD 9 and other Wishes
  31. Select compression level for resized Folder art.
  32. Auto-Chapters in m4b, Concatenate files
  33. New WavPack?
  34. Replace spaces with underscore when ripping
  35. Improved "inherit properties from" in profiles
  36. Option to configure size of metadata headroom
  37. Option of cd-text on the cd writer
  38. Clear sign DSP effects are being applied in CD ripper
  39. Audio Join Codec OR DSP
  40. Total ripping time as part of Extraction Log
  41. Remove & reinsert CD without clearing data
  42. Utility: rename files from tags (incl. naming schemes)
  43. CD Text
  44. Batch file checker
  45. Sveta for Blackberry?
  46. EXCEL to ID Tag writer
  47. Audio Input Request
  48. re rip
  49. Enhance Naming Logic
  50. Arrange Audio Codec - Copy support
  51. Copy album art with batch converter
  52. A decoder plugin for TAK (Tom's lossless audio codec)
  53. Integrated output file integrity verification
  54. Support for more than 4 CPU cores...
  55. samsung playlist support.
  56. Write offset for CD Writer / accuratewrite
  57. suggestion
  58. m3u, cue and log file
  59. Processor priority adjustment for encoder
  60. Monkey's Audio 4.03 support!
  61. Better interface for editing Metadata
  62. id3v2.4 tag support
  63. MP2 for Radio Broadcast Standards
  64. Wishlist: Full featured Tag-Editor
  65. Increment track number feature
  66. Folder name & other string or regex manipulations
  67. Semi-colon separated multiple artist values conversion
  68. Quicktime true VBR codec, best aac / m4a codec
  69. More 'Naming' space! Please?
  70. Mac Version ?
  71. The ability to fix tagging while ripping
  72. Set file naming
  73. PerfectMeta wishlist
  74. merge files with commandline converter
  75. Batch ripper would show the bit rate of the existing files
  76. Whishlist: MP3HD
  77. wishlist:browse by folder
  78. Batchripper / Output Folder by Disc Type
  79. enhanced info in the .txt rip results file
  80. Possibly WMAGain For A DSP Effect?
  81. pop up details---
  82. Put back 'Delete Source Files' option
  83. Wishlist : mpc more quality selection
  84. Populate tags from cue file
  85. Reverse Lookup
  86. Ripper Initial Setup Wizard?
  87. .PLA playlist creation when converting
  88. Asset Random play option
  89. Converting AUdible .aa files
  90. Musicbrainz Track/Album IDs
  91. no cd information with dbpoweramp for 1/2
  92. Google Images Link
  93. Musepack sv7 to sv8 lossless converter
  94. how to make 16pass VBR's with dbpoweramp
  95. DVD2One Audio Remaster Engine Implimentation
  96. CD de-emphasis
  98. Building an AccurateRip of a disc from multipl drives and/or discs
  99. Run ACE as a service
  100. Virtual server support
  101. Additional Ripping Stratagies
  102. dts & ac3
  103. Batch ripper - Rip tracks as I ripped them before
  104. 64-Bit and/or GPU encoding options?
  105. CD writer - "choose your own gaps"
  106. Sony track indexing
  107. More powerful replaygain filter
  108. DVD ripping
  109. Windows 7 Explorer
  110. support Linux
  111. folder.jpg hidden
  112. Rip-as-1 additional feature requests
  113. DSP effect to detect DC content
  114. Extract cover art from ID3 tag to JPG file
  115. AudioChecker Feature
  116. Want warning if file is "read only" trying to edit tag
  117. A Whole Lot of Suggestions--Burning+others
  118. Adding Artwork by DSP conversion
  119. Another Suggestion: AC3 Aften and Bwf wav
  120. Fraunhofer AAC?
  121. Conversion to lame - Help info
  122. User guide/wiki/knowledgebase
  123. Have a Black Friday sale! :)
  124. Albumartist container behaviour
  125. Please add "Encode to single file" or "Convert and Combine to single file" function
  126. Folder Browsing with Album and Title support
  127. Convert only if source file is newer than destination
  128. Track offsetting in Ripper right-click menu
  129. Native x64 version And Join function
  130. Wishlist for this dbpa Forum application
  131. Different log structure?
  132. Ability to choose album art otions
  133. Asset container renaming
  134. Convert .sgt to .mid
  135. A retro-checker for Accuracy based on dBpoweramp's tags
  136. Wish for Asset v3: "A-Z" adjustable
  137. Dynamic range compression DSP
  138. [MAXLENGTH] support in command line encoder
  139. command to strip filename from pathname
  140. Add dynamic tag processing to IdTagProcessing dsp
  141. support Mac OSX
  142. Grab first word, or grab until char command
  143. Request: New DSP - Copy Tag
  144. STR3EM converter
  145. Export/Import profiles
  146. separate download for calculate audio crc codec
  147. CUETools DB Support
  148. Adding/correcting album art in multiple files simultaneously
  149. "smart" source & overwrite check + support for new CPUs
  150. [Tag from Filename] request
  151. Low Pass Filter
  152. Improve CD Writer (dCW)
  153. VOX codec
  154. R14.x Requests and Suggestions
  155. Folders for Mp3 Data Disc
  156. Reintroducement of the old "Computer Generated" codecs
  157. Batch Converter: include/exclude filters and "non-directories" view
  158. ID3 tag/CDDB support
  159. Teac drive-"Best"?
  160. Playlist input to DMC/CD Writer
  161. Different languages & CUE-Sheet support soon available?
  162. Auxillary Input
  163. [REQ] Please add support for splitting (length-wise) according to .cue file
  164. "SmartRip" request
  165. Asset UPnP Parental Controls
  166. Enhance Ripper's art to use Album Art Downloader
  167. add SoX deemphasis filter as a DSP effect
  168. ID Tag Processing
  169. Lifetime Licence
  170. Support for Acronova Nimbie
  171. Ability to cancel utility codec processes by CPU
  172. Improved tag feedback that HDCD was decoded in mp3 files
  173. Batch Converter - maintain directory structure on the output
  174. Codecs
  175. Edit ID-Tag
  176. A request
  177. Ability to rip music only DVDs
  178. CD Writer: add write offset, CD-Text, cue sheets
  179. Album By Release (Original Year)
  180. Drag & drop into Batch Converter
  181. The Write ID Tags that are checked should always ...
  182. Review PerfectMeta Matches ...
  183. Review Metadata
  184. Request to Make dBpowerAMP Work Under User Accounts
  185. Access database for workflow
  186. Secure Rip CD's to Different Image Files
  187. Please sign all EXE's
  188. Support for additional iTunes tags
  189. Restore preview of full size album art before ripping (like we had in V13)
  190. Default To Multi-File WAV Conversion For Reference
  191. display of special characters in these forums
  192. uPlayer + Asset Control
  193. CD Ripper auto copy/move each file after successful rip
  194. dBpoweramp To Natively Support UNC Network Locations
  195. Search & Replace plus more capitalization options in CD Ripper
  196. Log and Cue image Features
  197. Supported tags
  198. Use audio fingerprint (PUID) when perfectmeta sources don't agree
  199. album art
  200. Schedule Music Converter
  201. Meta Review Window Resizability
  202. Retrieve tags for music
  203. Improved HDCD information and logging
  204. Multiple CPU -> Maximize Throughput (Music Converter)
  205. xml files
  206. Confirm if Asset/Asset Control works with JRiver Renderer
  207. "Multi-CD box-set" mode
  208. Album by Release sort from oldest to newest
  209. Verify AccurateRip after encoding
  210. TrackID lookup + Filename and ID3 rename/fill in
  211. Full population of fields in Kinsky desktop
  212. Batch Ripper Batch session resume feature
  213. Batch Ripper: CD-TEXT as a Metadata option
  214. Folder name generation syntax IFVALUE > or < nb. tracks of CD
  215. PerfectMeta whilst converting
  216. Naming Scheme (codez)for r12/r13
  217. CD Ripper: Alarm after RIP
  218. Clear Disc Meta Data Button (prior to ripping)
  219. Album art FILE size limit (for Sonos users)
  220. import ID tags during conversion
  221. Batch Ripper for Microtech and Rimage
  222. flac decoder options
  223. Display ID Tags
  224. Does not utilize all the processors...
  225. Reduce *blooper* of CPUs during conversion
  226. Multichannel ALAC
  227. upsampling is possible, how about bit depth increase?
  228. Batch converter: ability to filter and convert only apple lossless
  229. Asset UPnP wish list
  230. Wish to change music signal absolute polarity
  231. Support for decoding AC3 in M4A
  232. Allow Line Breaks in Lyrics Tag
  233. ID tag bug
  234. CD-Text
  235. Asset UPnP and Album Artist Sort
  236. Batch convert an .m3u playlist!
  237. Add -q 0 (Very High quality) to the encoding of lame
  238. ID Tag Processing DSP - Album Art size changes
  239. Intelligent Defaults Request
  240. Preserve File Dates While Updating ID Tags
  241. Fast Playback Speed & Pitch for Audio Book Audiobooks Encoding Option
  242. Uninstall
  243. dbpoweramp & Ripstation
  244. Applelossless ReplayGain values in uppercase
  245. Request
  246. Save ISRC without hyphens
  247. pre-allocate files to avoid fragmentation
  248. Batch Converter: check selected
  249. Save MC Dynamic Renaming settings
  250. ID Tag Update DSP - read/write tags from CSV file