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Thread: Beyond backup - supplementary services?

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    Beyond backup - supplementary services?

    It seems to me that there is significant cross-pollination between several of Illustrate's products and services. With the announced prices for AudioSafe's basic functionality being incredibly low, is part of the reason that you intend to offer other services in addition to restoring from a backup?

    Metadata (including cover art) has been mentioned as something that is being looked into. I'm assuming the goal is to provide the end user with improved metadata, perhaps for a fee. The next step would be looking into the actual audio data, for example correcting inaccurate rips.

    To what extent can the data we upload be polished before licensing issues arise? Itunes Match is an interesting example, where lower quality files get upgraded to 256 kbit/s AAC files. As this can effectively be used to "launder" pirated music, I imagine the record companies demanded something in return.

    With the acceptance of lossless files, I can't imagine the backbone of AudioSafe's deduplication algorithm being anything but raw, uncompressed audio data. This opens up a lot of possibilities and I would love to hear the developers thoughts on the where the line between user data and copyrighted content is, or will be, drawn.

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    Re: Beyond backup - supplementary services?

    It is an area in which we will tread carefully

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