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  1. CD Ripper - Display/Toggle Ripping Mode Directly on Main Screen?
  2. Error Log
  3. Make [ecode local] work with [multi-encoder]
  4. DSDIFF Converter
  5. DSP folder.jpg preserve and file names
  6. Tag copying
  7. Bring back SSE2 support to the aoTuV Ogg Vorbis encoder
  8. Batch Converter - Explorer right click menu
  9. Discogs search button
  10. Design
  11. Folder name generation syntax IFVALUE > or < nb. tracks of CD
  12. Some Minor Wishlist Items
  13. Asset Advanced Options
  14. Batch manipulation of audio tracks
  15. Suggestions to make perfect metadata ... more perfect and improve meta data entry
  16. Preserve file time modifications
  17. Ability to rip to a CUE Image file
  18. Metadata from HDD Cache
  19. batch edit metadata with wildcard or regex
  20. Enhancement to forum
  21. Support for Mac?
  22. Asset UPnP searching
  23. New dB Audio Player?
  24. Rip to separate flac file + .cue sheet
  25. separate year for each track even if not compilation
  26. Profile Transfering/Backing Up/Etc
  27. Music Converter - Automatic Selection of Optimal "Multi-CPU Force" Setting
  28. Random Number In Tag
  29. Please provide MD5 along with download
  30. Update lame to 3.99
  31. Add 'Sound' option to CD Ripper, when done ripping
  32. Dynamic Naming Operators AND OR
  33. Capitalizing track names
  34. New User Interface for CD Ripper
  35. iTunes NORM values
  36. improved tag processing when converting
  37. DSD to dCS specification converter
  38. Copy Composer tag edits to the ComposerSort tag
  39. Asset Control on iPad
  40. Asset - Multi-Value tags - value limit option
  41. Add Chapter(s) function when "Rip as One" Selected (Audiobooks)
  42. Better Finish of the outer case - can easily cause damage to Cds.... !
  43. Make bottom panel sizeable; bug with toolbar tooltips
  44. Asset -- Configurable Rating Scale
  45. Add cover art by URL
  46. Allow "Review Metadata" even if no metadata was retrieved form the Internet
  47. Audio DVD
  48. Tag processing to make sure Windows "sees" the album art and doesn't lose it
  49. dBpoweramp love?
  50. When metadata's messed up--titles switched for artist--ability to transpose columns
  51. Non-Audio - Copy Data from CD/DVD using same folder structure
  52. conditional branching
  53. Ripnas Essentials
  54. Capital letters for each word in .mp3 file
  55. Metadata
  56. Character replacement on specific meta data element
  57. File Name Restricted Characters - replace characters with words
  58. Dynamic Range
  59. Ability to adjust album art compression level
  60. Decouple Folder and Subfolder Names from Tag fields
  61. CD Ripper: Custom & Fixed Value Tags
  62. Custom Tags and Vorbis Comment Fix Badly Needed
  63. Screen Layout for Tagging and Ripping CDs (CD Ripper)
  64. Traclk lLength in mm:ss instead of milliseconds ???
  65. From Custom & Fixed Value Tags to Custom & Fixed or Variable Value Tags ?
  66. Batch converter "no conversion" option
  67. Re-rip tracks or an album without loosing previous ID Tags
  68. Option to "Save" tag data to a file
  69. Silence & DVD Audio
  70. Warning of Inaccurate Rip Instead of Eject
  71. Please add info on "WindowsXPRemovePropHandler.exe" to a readme somewhere
  72. Hability to enter a customized offset correction value in GUI
  73. CD Writer support for CD Text
  74. Plugin API for custom metadata providers
  75. Support for overread into lead-out with certain drives.
  76. PerfectTunes Status
  77. Accuraterip Submission Timing
  78. DSP: Sampling Rate of 176khz
  79. local cache size
  80. Opus codec
  81. custom idtag fields extra functionality
  82. super high flow ripping
  83. Cuesheet generated from CDTOC
  84. A new text function for tags
  85. Tag editing - search & replace
  86. Hardware References for Asset
  87. Tags with multiple values
  88. please consider a more compatible separator in multivalue tag fields
  89. Expanded Graphic EQ DSP
  90. Asset UPNP + BPM Tag
  91. Asset UPnP option for dynamic Replaygain
  92. Alarm
  93. Preserving Only The Wanted Attributes, Not The Whole Kit
  94. Copy Tag & Paste Tag (direct from shell)
  95. Multi-threaded batch conversion
  96. Uppercase All First Characters
  97. Dynamic Eject And Load Button
  98. Jump to complete album from compilation tracks
  99. if only I could maintain my directory tree
  100. Stand alone Illustrate program to provide just 'Popup Details' function
  101. Batch convert a .M3U playlist
  102. How about making the old player application available again?
  103. Several wishes.
  104. Artwork for 2nd Artist and 3rd Artist in Asset UPnP R4.2
  105. Create Tag Drop-Down Lists
  106. Ability to multi select folders in Windows Explorer for batch conversion
  107. R14.4+ - 15.x Requests and Suggestions
  108. Favourite Album groups
  109. AssetUPnP: Dynamic Playlist
  110. Wishlist: Windows Context Menu
  111. How do you dare...
  112. Rip-As-1 improvements
  113. "Smart" ripping option
  114. Export ID tags to spreadsheet or Database
  115. DSD: tagging and indexing of dsd/dff-files
  116. a version of Asset UPnP that can run directly on a NAS
  117. Auto-completion for ID3 fields from internal database
  118. CDRipper and Compilation flag
  119. Why we NEED discogs as a source!
  120. Feature Requests
  121. Asset 4.2/5.0 requests
  122. Rule Based Manipulation
  123. Please add support for LossyWAV
  124. Copying tags
  125. CDRipper frame errors fix
  126. Meta UNDO or Confirmation in ripper
  127. Additional caching
  128. Humble request for the DDP or ISO Image format
  129. PerfectTUNES Album Art - can we use a file we already have?
  130. Matroska Support
  131. Spam fighting...
  132. Adding to the Tag Element List
  133. Write the BEST possible rip to disc
  134. Meta Source
  135. CTDB: Integration to detect and REPAIR bad rips
  136. Setting for own musicbrainz server
  137. Player
  138. Full MusicBrainz tagging
  139. FLAC v1.3.0
  140. Album Art In Case
  141. [BUG] & request: Discs with Track 1 Data Track
  142. Add support for FLACCL
  143. New Tagging (Metadata) Standard
  144. Encoders & path length
  145. CD Pre-Emphasis De-Emphasis DSP Request (Please Just Throw Us A Bone)
  146. Batch Converter - Treat (sub) folder as album
  147. DSD File Support
  148. Better Equalizer plug-in
  149. finer vbr quality resolution for aac music converter
  150. Directory Opus media info and right click menu support
  151. Option to not clear tag fields when switching discs in CD ripper
  152. Please add 2 specific features to allow for a much more automated ripping process
  153. Auto-RIP
  154. DSP to Calculate Beats per Minute and add to BPM field
  155. dBpowerplayer for Android
  156. Save metadata for Disc n of N
  157. Additional Tag Fields for the naming code ("[IFVALUE]album ...") in dBPoweramp
  158. Add support for greater than 8 channels
  159. PerfecTUNES updates metadata
  160. Fool a Discmakers Pico to be an Acronova Dupliq?
  161. Asset metadata/libraries
  162. PerfectTUNES de-dup to an archive folder
  163. Asset UPnP for FreeBDS / FreeNAS
  164. Silent install of dBpoweramp R15 and request for 2 additional command-line options
  165. Configurable Tag Editor
  166. PerfectTunes - A few Feature Request
  167. Batch Converter Scheduling Option
  168. Delete whole album folders when one track has an error
  169. Arrange Audio utility codec enhancements
  170. SACD Ripping
  171. Cue files support for DMC converter
  172. Disable or Toggle automatic adding of ALBUM ARTIST to mp3 when COMPILATION=1
  173. Please add renaming to Folder.jpg Preserve
  174. Context menu item for PerfectTunes
  175. Make Good Software Great - Add .CUE Support !
  176. Warning for overlength file name creation
  177. AssetUPnP Multiple Instances
  178. Additional Infomation on Asset status web page
  179. Retain folder structure
  180. Downloadable User Manual
  181. CD Ripper Eject Disc Settngs
  182. CDRipper - Submit Meta Data to Freedb - selection
  183. CD Ripper - Manual Meta Review - New button
  184. CD Ripper - Manual Input & Review window - Query a provider on-demand
  185. Two new name elements for file naming
  186. Multilanguage interface for Asset UPnP
  187. Batch Convert from a Playlist
  188. CD Ripper - auto compute Beats Per Minute (BPM)
  189. Conversion to DoP
  190. Afew Items, CD Ripper suggestions
  191. Asset UPnP - Dynamic Playlist Item Count Preference
  192. FLV audio codex
  193. Extra "all lower case" button for metadata editing
  194. Enhance option for Album Art from internet
  195. Multiple directories/file types
  196. Make PerfectTUNES AccurateRip copy files locally
  197. dbPoweramp on Linux
  198. dbPowerAmp for Mac
  199. Audioscrobbler/scrobbling support in Asset UPnP
  200. A manual way to chose Flac encoder
  201. Feature requests for Asset - DSD
  202. Batch Converter - iTunNORM field
  203. PerfectTUNES should allow imports of images and copying one cover to other songs
  204. PerfectTunes : A "Refresh" or "Re-scan Collection" button on all screens.
  205. Right-click COPY TAG/PASTE tag (from Explorer)
  206. CDRipper: option to export IDTags to xml while disable tag writing option is checked
  207. OPUS Setting Request
  208. Asset UPnP: Scan for new albums
  209. Album Art Feature Requests
  210. Edit ID-Tag Standalone Tag Editor Feature Requests
  211. customised "copy track names to clipboard" in CD Ripper
  212. Displaying UPC and ISRC / Use of Ctrl+A key combo
  213. make input metadata easier
  214. Album Art Default Folder
  215. Lossless checker / authenticator
  216. A Way to Test User Naming Schemes?
  217. PerfectTUNES Album Art - Same Options as dBpoweramp CD Ripper for Adding Covers?
  218. PerfectTUNES Album Art - Album Matching Grouped by Folder Option?
  219. Batch Ripper - Skip disc if > nn tracks
  220. Reference a specific multi value tag
  221. Batch Ripper - skip a rip if the disk's rip is already on the target folder
  222. Suggestion: "Intelligent" Conversion Feature
  223. track titles...
  224. Beat per minute analysis and tagging
  225. Request for added features in Replay Gain DSP's
  226. Audio Info Codec
  227. LUFS Target Volume option in EBU R128 Volume Normalize DSP Effect
  228. Song spacing dsp
  229. Time for a separate OSX Forum
  230. Dynamic naming
  231. Year By Track
  232. Add eject to the After ripping choices
  233. Redesign for the Codec Advanced Options
  234. Enable year-per-track
  235. My CD Value
  236. PerfectTUNES De-Dup Create Shortcut Request
  237. Read/write raw ID3 tags
  238. Asset UPnP: API for streaming status
  239. Mixed Windows and MAC registration package
  240. Asset UPNP as a way to get around Sonos 65K tracks limit
  241. Perfect Tunes: AccurateRip for hidden-track albums
  242. i wish for...
  243. Multilanguage interface for Asset UPnP
  244. Selection criteria and sync mechanism for Batch converter
  245. Write and Read Metadata file DSPs for OS X
  246. COLUMNS: 1) Able to be Reordered, 2) Hold their 'resized' size from disc to disc
  247. More encoding options for aac ! (and add Nero aac?)
  248. Fill a hole...
  249. Dynamic Naming [date] operator modifiers
  250. Invoke Playlist Writer directly on selected files / folders