Hi guys.
Thanks for reading this post. I have the DB poweramp version 16.2. I'm unable to convert .aac files to mp3's.

Error message is, " Error converting to mp3 (Lame), .aac' to.mp3'
Error: Unable to load decoder for file type '.aac', codec not installed? visit 'Codec Central'. [dBCoreConverter::dBCoreConverter]

I went to the codec central page and downloaded the m4a FDK, (AAC) Encoder. Ran as administrator, and am still unable to convert files into mp3's. My guess is I haven't done something right? Do I need to alter the directory in some way? What process do I need to follow to allow the music converter to successfully transfer .aac's into mp3's.

Thanks. I'm a bit of a noob with these types of things. Any advice would be appreciated