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  • How to use the converter to produce m4a files

    I am using DbPoweramp v14 and have just had to reinstall windows, and forgotten what I did previously. I've downloaded my DbPoweramp again and the CD Ripper is fine, but when I go to convert these to m4a the option is greyed out. If I click on m4a it tells me I need to download software and then asks...
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  • himijendrix
    started a topic Request AMD GPU codecs

    Request AMD GPU codecs


    could AMD Hardware transcoding be added?

    I just tried converting to H264/H265 using a 5700 XT with ffmpeg and h264_amf / hevc_amf encoders.
    It worked worked without problems and is available for quiet a time.
    So I am wondering why only NVIDIA is supported....
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  • Mujtaba
    started a topic Codec Tags

    Codec Tags

    Hi sir,
    Iā€™m converting some songs from mp3 to m4a using dbpoweramp.
    After finishing converting I see that the codec tags have additional text after ā€œMPEG-4 AACā€.
    If you can help me to remove that information after the codec itself I would be very pleased. Thanks.
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  • Music Converter unable to convert .aac to Mp3 codec help please

    Hi guys.
    Thanks for reading this post. I have the DB poweramp version 16.2. I'm unable to convert .aac files to mp3's.

    Error message is, " Error converting to mp3 (Lame), .aac' to.mp3'
    Error: Unable to load decoder for file type '.aac', codec not installed? visit...
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  • How do I make 64-bit codecs available to R16 after upgrade from 32-bit R14

    I recently purchased an upgrade from R14 to R16 and installed the 64-bit version. All looked good and my R14 settings (primarily encoder settings in CD Ripper) transferred over. I noticed that R14 (32-bit app) remained installed but didn't think anything of it. I then decided to added some additional...
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  • Jurgen
    started a topic APE-codec installed but not found

    APE-codec installed but not found

    I did install the APE-codec. Installation was succesfull, the Monkeys Audio dll-files are in the same maps as the MP3 en FLAC-dll-files.

    When I try to convert an APE-file I get this message: Error: Unable to load decoder for file type '.ape', codec not installed? visit 'Codec Central'....
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  • Converting speed different for V0 and Cbr 320.

    I'm converting some of my Flac files into mp3 at V0 vbr, using slow speed (Best Quality) and the Speed for single file is 54x. But when I convert a flac file to mp3 320 cbr, the conversion speed is 10x by using slow speed (Best Quality). Am I compromising with quality by using V0 vbr, if 320 cbr is...
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  • OFTT
    started a topic Nero AAC Encoder

    Nero AAC Encoder

    Is it possible to (still) use the Nero AAC Encoder with the latest version of dBpowerAmp (15.1)? I just bought it and still have the Encoder from Nero on my HDD, so I'd like to insert into the Converter program. Any chance or tutorial on how to do this?

    Thank you for your help. ...
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  • timba
    started a topic Problem with EBUR in 64-bit r15

    Problem with EBUR in 64-bit r15

    Hi Spoon - My friend and I each bought the new version and installed it on 64-bit Win7 machines. Each of us had the old version on a 32-bit Win7 machine and had used the EBUR 128 Normalize plug-in successfully, but it's not available on the new install. We tried copying the .dll and .ico files to DSPs...
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  • Sery Volk
    started a topic Helix MP3 Codec

    Helix MP3 Codec

    Will there be a 64-bit version of Helix MP3 codec?
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  • djman
    started a topic computing the CRC of more than 20 000 files

    computing the CRC of more than 20 000 files


    I would like to use the utility codec that compute the CRC for my whole MP3 music collection (probably more than 20 000 tracks).

    Which method would you recommand ? Is dbpoweramp robust enough to compute the CRC on all tracks in one time ?

    Then I would...
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  • Maikoru
    started a topic Opus codec

    Opus codec

    Do you plan on adding Opus converters? If so, what's the timeline?
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  • Flac support and buying questions as well :)

    Im new here and i have been thinking of buying the Music Converter.

    However i have a few questions,

    Is the program fully compatible with x64 OS (windows 7 Ultimate)
    I have the trial but i installed it on a test 32 bit PC
    Also if i have the 007...
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  • Paul Belshaw
    started a topic Recognizing Codec Filters

    Recognizing Codec Filters

    I am trying to convert a file to AC3 but dbpoweramp does not recognize the downloaded AC3 filter and does not show AC3 as a conversion option. What do I do? Thanks in adavnce?
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  • ODAT
    started a topic Codecs


    Hey I'm new here but I've been looking over the site a little and was unable to find anyway to do this so I felt I should place a request. I would personally love to receive a codec for ".pcm" files and ".dts" files to convert them into WAV or whatever. I own multiple DVD-Audio...
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