Lame's options are higly customizables, why did you not done the same with AAC?
It's is very important to have the choice to choose these parameters:
  • Frequency (AAC supports up to 96kHz) add at least 22.5kHz 24kHz (32kHz) 44.1kHz 48kHz (64kHz) 88.2kHz and 96kHz (and a option to preserve current frequencies from the audio files) ;
  • Channel (AAC supports up to 7.1 Channels (8)) add all possibilities: mono, 2.0 (1.1), 2.1 (3.0), 4.0 (3.1),4.1 (5.0), 5.1 (6.0), 7.1 (8.0) (and a option to preserve current channels from the audio files) ;
  • add more profiles: AAC-LD, AAC-ELD (acutally we have only these choices: AAC-LC / HE-AAC / HE-AACv2, of course they are essential) (and why not these too: MPEG-2 AAC LC / MPEG-2 HE-AAC (SBR) / MPEG-2 HE-AAC v2 (SBR+PS)) ;
  • and finally, add a command line (as Lame), it will be usefull !

We can see all parameters here: https://github.com/nu774/fdkaac

Then, it would also be very interesting to add the free Nero AAC codec!
Nero AAC have a based-quality mode, bitrate customisable for VBR, ABR, CBR, and have a 2-Pass encode.
As the FDK AAC it supports up to 7.1 Ch and 96kHz, AAC-LC, HE-AAC, HE-AACv2.

(I have seen in the SDK AAC a line to choose the bit depth, I don't know if we can choose another value than 16, i.e. 24bits&*8230; I don't think if it's work but it would be cool!)

And as some people I also approves the request that it would be interesting to use dBpoweramp natively on GNU/Linux!

Thank you! =) (sorry if there is some mistakes I'm french)