Hi Spoon,

Not sure if this is the correct place for this post.
I was wondering if you could add a product to your lineup. I am yet to find a tag editor app that siuts my needs, currently I use a combination of mp3Tag and Tag & Rename. They are both very good, and each have features the other doesn't.

  • reads and writes iTunes tags that others don't, eg iTunes Account and iTunes Catalog ID
  • has the ability to find and replace tag contents using RegEx (Regular Expression), guess values and format values
  • merge and remove duplicate fileds
  • split field by seperator
  • Case conversion
  • rename files using above features

Tag & Rename
  • reads and writes tags in AIFF files
  • reads tags in files that have incomplete headers, and saves the complete header (Platinum Notes created AIF files)
  • create tags from file names
  • rename files based on tags
  • import cover art from folder.jpg
  • export cover art to folder.jpg

It would be good to have one program that can handle all of the above, as well as being able to copy tags from one file to another eg. iTunes to AIF
  • set source location by folder structure and filename pattern (iTunes\artist\album\01 song.m4a) to destination (aif\artist\album\albumartist - album - 01 - song.aif)