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Thread: source of meta data

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    source of meta data

    i know this question was asked some years ago, but was a little confused by the answer. i apologize for the repetition; is there a way for the batch ripper to get the track information from a text file of some sort? i purchased an old discmakers elite micro from ebay, to help rip about 1000 cdr's from when i used to dj. they're all cdr's, so none of it is in any of the databases. i'm working on getting all the track listings ocr'd from their covers into a text file and was just curious how best to go about this. any help would be greatly appreciated

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    Re: source of meta data

    Sorry not possible

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    Re: source of meta data

    It would be a lot of work and I'm not sure whether batch ripper supports it, but the dBpoweramp ripper lets you access a local Freedb tag database, instead of the online one and the format of the database is available with a little searching on the Internet. You could possibly set up your own local Freedb and enter the tag information from your text file into the database instead of copying the online one. That might be just as much work as simply entering the data manually in the ripper, but if you really want to automate it, you could look into this.

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