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Thread: RE: Safest / Easiest Method Of Deleting Unwanted Tags?

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    Question RE: Safest / Easiest Method Of Deleting Unwanted Tags?

    Hi folks,

    I hope it's permissible to open a new thread for this single question (moderators please feel free to relocate).

    I would like to delete, from my 600+ ripped (FLAC) CD collection, the following tags, please:

    ArtistSort; AlbumArtistSort; ComposerSort; ConductorSort

    I have decided the above are pretty much superfluous for my needs.

    Obviously I want to be sure of the safest method of doing so! In the first instance, which s/w would be most appropriate for this particular task, please? Illustrate or mp3tag?

    Many thanks in advance for any kind assistance offered here.


    Paul David Seaman
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