I have 5,000 CDs. One of my bucket lists is to convert these into flac and integrate them into roons.
So I decided to buy Nimbie usb plus and dbpoweramp reference R17 family.
I use window 10 pro and installed dMC-R17.6-Ref, dBpoweramp-Batch-Ripper, dBpoweramp-Batch-Ripper-Nimbie one after another.
However, when DBpoweramp-Batch-Ripper is executed, cd does not load. I tested it on two different computers, and both of them don't load cd. I removed the program several times and installed it again, but I couldn't load the CD likewise.
At first, I suspected Nimbie usb plus, but when I tested it with Nimbie usb plus with QQGetTray, both loading and unloading worked fine. However, the CD ripper loads well and works without any problems.
The attached captured image is the result of testing loading and unloading in the dBpoweramp-Batch-Ripper Configuration.
Please, help me solve the problem.