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Thread: moving questions

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    moving questions

    I'm moving to a new PC and have settings in the various dBpoweramp apps that I want to move as well. I'd rather not have to retype all my custom naming setups and path names, etc.

    I see the settings are kept here:
    in the registry:
    and this path:
    Am I making any mistakes just copying these over to the new PC? Are there and optical drive details or other PC specific features that I should "reset" or "relearn"?

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    Re: moving questions

    No those are the two locations

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    Re: moving questions

    Are there any optical drive details or other PC specific features that I should "reset" or "relearn"?

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    Re: moving questions

    OK just for reference:
    The Registry did contain the CDRipper profiles I wanted to move. Excellent.

    I also see it has some "drive settings" After I did my first rip on the new computer the new drive was added to the registry drive settings.

    For the other settings in Windows 10, the path I found was

    Note, I placed illustrate the folder on the new PC in the proper location and updated the new computers registry BEFORE installing dBpoweramp, and that worked fine.

    I also bought the latest version of the SW while I was at it. Still great stuff. Thanks Spoon!
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