Some VST plugins tend to delay the input and output resulting in the effect that the original sample length is the same, but the processed waveform has been 'moved' by the same number of samples as the latency setting on the plugin. StereoTool is a perfect example of this. It's designed to be used real-time so when using it as an offline VST plugin, you get a file output that has the same number of samples, but the waveform starts 4096 samples later (or 128, 2048, all depends on the latency setting). Really annoying if the end of the track was supposed to seamlessly go to the next track since it also cuts off 4096 samples off audio at the end.

A workaround would be if dBpoweramp had an option to add a specific number of samples at the end of each file, and then the ability to trim a specific number of samples at the end. This would compensate manually for some VST Plugin latency due to the FFT size. In my particular case it would be 4096 samples, but generally you are going to be looking at powers of 2, so

64 samples
128 samples
256 samples
512 samples
1024 samples
2048 samples
4096 samples
8192 samples
16384 samples
32768 samples
65556 samples