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sample size

  • Ability to Trim and Add specific number of samples in dBpoweramp

    Some VST plugins tend to delay the input and output resulting in the effect that the original sample length is the same, but the processed waveform has been 'moved' by the same number of samples as the latency setting on the plugin. StereoTool is a perfect example of this. It's designed to be used...
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  • Can't get Sample Size property for WMA files

    I'm using DMCSCRIPTINGLib for reading metadata of audio files.

    For WMA files there is no "Sample Size" property in the string returned by get_AudioProperties() function.

    Returned string looks like this:

    Type : Windows Media Audio
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  • Hotdog
    started a topic 24 bit FLAC to 16 bit ALAC (Apple Lossless)

    24 bit FLAC to 16 bit ALAC (Apple Lossless)

    I've downloaded a bunch of 78rpm rips which have been transferred at 24-bit and made available as FLAC files in lossless or mp3. Naturally I would prefer lossless, but iTunes is my preferred library, so I convert to Apple Lossless. However, the bit-depth is kept, resulting in very large file sizes:...
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    Last edited by Hotdog; August 12, 2017, 12:13 AM.

  • andersvinberg
    started a topic Intelligent sample rate change

    Intelligent sample rate change

    I need to convert a lot of FLAC files of different rates and bit depths to WMA for a system that supports up to 48k/24 (Mercedes Burmester audio).
    I obviously want to leave my CD content as is.
    A few 44/24 files I want to leave as is.
    Higher resolution content I want to convert...
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  • Jim Knopf
    started a topic Increase FLAC Sample Rate/Size (192kHz/24bit)

    Increase FLAC Sample Rate/Size (192kHz/24bit)

    I just purchased dBpoweramp Ripper/Converter.
    All ripped FLAC-files have a Sample Rate 44,1kHz and Size 16bit.
    How can I set (change) the Sample Rate and Size?
    Thanks for your help.
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  • phi-b
    started a topic Apple Lossless to FLAC conversion

    Apple Lossless to FLAC conversion

    I am trying out if dBpoweramp 14.2 can convert Apple Lossless/ALAC-files to FLAC. With 'normal' files (44.1khz,16bit) it seems to work all right, but 96khz,24bit files just turn into noise after their conversion to FLAC. I notice the sample size reported for the FLAC is 16-bit (96khz), and after checking...
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