Just posting this here as it might help other people.

I had an album that was in WavPack format (.wv) files, and installed the WavPack codec from Codec Central.
However, dBpoweramp was unable to convert any of them with the following error:

Error converting to <target format> <path to file I wanted to convert> <output file>
not configured to handle DSD WavPack files! [clDecoder_WavPack::Open]

Here is how to do this:

Step 1: Download the WavPack command-line tools
Go to http://www.wavpack.com/downloads.html and download "WavPack Win32" or "WavPack Win64", depending on whether your computer is running a 32-bit version of Windows or 64-bit version.

Step 2: Extract the ZIP into the same folder as the .WV files
So in the same folder as your .WV files, should be the "wvunpack.exe" file

Step 3: Open a Command Prompt window in that folder
The easiest-way to do this in Windows 10, 8, 7 or Vista is to right-click on the folder while holding-down the SHIFT key and choose "Open Command window here" (or "Open PowerShell window here").

Step 4: Use WVUNPACK to convert the files to .WAV format
In the Command Prompt window, type: WVUNPACK -W *.WV then press ENTER
The files will be converted, one-by-one, to .WAV format

Once converted, you can then use dBpoweramp to convert the .WAV files into other formats.

Be aware though that these files might contain audio at a higher-quality than most standard codecs would usually support (16-bit, 44,100Hz, 2.0 stereo), so your converted files might not play on older devices and in older software without adjustments. Here is what you'd need to do to adjust them, based on which output format you want:

[[MP3]] Click the Advanced button. In the Frequency drop-down list, choose "44.1KHz (CD)" then click OK. Then do the conversion.

[[AAC or FLAC]] In the DSP Effects / Actions area, click Add and choose Bit Depth. In the "Fixed" drop-down, choose "16-bit". Click OK. Then click Add and this time choose Resample. In the "Resample to Frequency" dropdown, choose 44100, then click OK. Finally add Channel Count and set the "Fixed" dropdown to "2 'stereo' (CD)". Now do the conversion.

The outputted files should work on all older devices and in older software apps.

Hope this helps someone!