An "issue" I discovered in Tune Fusion, not really a bug but an option would cure it:

I have much of my library (eventually it will be almost all of it) as FLAC files, I use TuneFUSION to generate a synced m4a library for various purposes where bandwidth is a concern. It is set to sync and to delete content no longer in the source.

The other day I by chance found a duplicate entry in the FLAC library and deleted the containing folder. But when I looked at the m4a library after syncing, I saw the folder still there. Looking at the contents, I saw that all the m4a files were deleted but not the folder.jpg file that I include when I sync, nor obviously the folder itself.

Is it possible to add an additional option to the "delete when source no longer present" option (or whatever it is labeled, I'm on a different computer than tuneFUSION is installed on), that if all the music files of a folder are deleted as a part of the sync, to also delete any non-music files in the folder, like the .jpg, a possible playlist or the text file with the rip log, and the folder itself?