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Thread: Why is the apple m4a is so large?

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    Wink Why is the apple m4a is so large?

    I am trying to convert my flac files to apple's AAC format.

    I am using ANYMP4 converter and dbPoweramp converters. The first generates raw AAC files; the latter generates m4a files. What surpised me most is the size difference on the output files (for the same quality: 256kbps).

    Why is dbPoweramp bumpting up the file size (twice that of the outputs of the ANYMP4 converter)?

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    Re: Why is the apple m4a is so large?

    The real size of a 256kbps file is easy to calculate, 256kbps = 32KB per second. If the track is 3 minutes long then:

    60 * 3 * 32 = 5760KB or 5.7MB

    if this other converter is half that size then it is not 256kbps...

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