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Thread: 16.4 CD Ripper Tag Issues

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    16.4 CD Ripper Tag Issues

    Longtime user with no previous issues. Suddenly having issues writing tags to MP3 files (Lame encoder) created with CD Ripper. Metadata is successfully retrieved and completely filled out (with or without manual edits), including artwork, but the saved MP3 files consistently include ONLY Album, Artist, Track Title (those are all truncated at 30 characters), Track, Disk, Year and Comment. Items consistently not written to MP3 files include (at least) Album Artist, Genre and Composer, and no artwork is written either. All of those tags are checked in the MetaData option to be written. Output path is to "D:\Users\Joe\Downloads\Music\CD Rips". This is same output path as when it worked correctly as well.

    The only obvious change to the PC I am aware of since earlier successful rip sessions is that the host machine upgraded itself to Win 10 1803.

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    Re: 16.4 CD Ripper Tag Issues

    The fact that they are all truncated to 30 characters makes me think that somehow you've set something to write ID3v1 tags (rather than ID3v2.3 tags).

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    Re: 16.4 CD Ripper Tag Issues

    That was it... thanks! Not sure how or why it had changed, because I never had the issue before. Perhaps the update to 16.4 reset it? Anyway, it's working as expected... thanks again.

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