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Thread: Asset R6.2 for Mac / Linux

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    Asset R6.2 for Mac / Linux

    Current version: R6.2 beta 15


    <now released>

    (Synology link until it is published)


    Changes since R6.1
    • Fixed AAC decoding on QNAP with 64-bit ARM processors.
    • Warning on corrupted database file, shown when accessing web config.
    • Standalone builds for ARM64 and ARMv7 are now available.
    • Compiler and toolchain updates.

    Changes in beta 2
    • Fixed QPKG regression causing failure to install correctly on QNAP devices with ARM processors
    • Fixed QNAP TS-231P black images bug

    Changes in beta 3
    • Introduced Synology package.

    Changes in beta 4
    • Synology bug fixes.
    • Changed the location of configuration data on Synology - out of space warnings/errors should be gone.

    Changes in beta 5
    • Reverted ARM 32bit (Raspberry Pi) and x86 builds to older toolchains for better compatibility with old Linux versions.
    • Back to single 32-bit ARM build as the performance differences between the two versions served before were insignificant.
    • Synology DS214 should be now supported properly.

    Changes in beta 6
    • Unchecking "Detect & Catalog New Tracks" now properly prevents startup rescan

    Changes in beta 7
    • Fixed incorrect values in updateID field returned to UPnP browser
    • Fixed incorrect behaviors when Asset gets restarted in mid-browsing-session
    • Fixed blank browsing output sent to all clients after a client sends a malformed search query
    • Search speed optimisations

    Changes in beta 8
    • Fixed internal caches not being cleared with 'rescan all', causing wrong browse results until next Asset restart
    • Fixed unexpected shutdown of entire Asset application in certain circumstances.

    Changes in beta 9
    • Attempted fix for incomplete scan on QNAP TS-231P2.
    • Updated Synology app manifest.

    Changes in beta 10
    • More attempted fix for incomplete scan on QNAP TS-231P2.

    Changes in beta 11
    • Refined fix for incomplete scan on QNAP TS-231P2.
    • Changed app data location on Synology to hide it from the File Station
      no user action needed, old data will be moved to the new location
    • Suppressed dc:creator values of Unkonwn, matching Windows version of Asset

    Changes in beta 12
    • Fixed missing option to set transcoded MP3 bitrate in the web interface

    Changes in beta 13
    • Fixed album art not showing with some control points.
    • Fixed [ForceToSINGLE] not working in control point overrides.

    Changes in beta 14
    • Made LG TV hammering workaround present in default control point overrides.
    • Fixed control point overrides [SimpleBrowse] produciong blank output instead of a flat track list.
    • Fixed non working control point blacklist/whitelist.

    Changes in beta 15
    • Made multiple artists sent as artist1;artist2;...
    • Added upstream art to 'top artists' entry.
    • Fixed not giving out correctly object.container.person.musicArtist for artist listing.

    Registered users
    Installing a beta/trial version on top of a registered install retains the registered status.

    QNAP TS-231P black images bug info
    To make the bug go away, do a "rescan all" cycle to purge image cache.

    Synology configuration data location
    Due to an error on my end, upgrading beta 3 to newer eats the configuration. You can copy it to the new location prior to update manually - the proper location is now /volume1/AssetUPnP-Data ( contains usual .dBpoweramp folder ), old location was symlinked from /var/packages/Asset/etc . Replace /volume1 with another volume if installed in a non default location.
    This is a one-time bug. Beta 3 deletes configuration prior to upgrade thinking that it's being uninstalled. This will not occur again with future updates.

    LG TV workarounds
    If you use non default control point overrides, your settings will not be altered with beta 14 LG fixes.
    In order to add LG TV fix, add these lines to your control point overrides:
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    Re: Asset R6.2 for Mac / Linux

    The new ARMv7 version is faster when rescanning the complete library. Nice work Peter!
    Last edited by psweetie; 07-12-2018 at 06:27 AM. Reason: correcting facts

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    Re: Asset R6.2 for Mac / Linux

    Also no errors to report of the ARMv7 version on a RPi2.
    However, have not undertaken a complete rescan for a while, so can't comment on the feedback from @psweetie.

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    Re: Asset R6.2 for Mac / Linux

    Also no Problems here.



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    Re: Asset R6.2 for Mac / Linux

    Beta 3, now with more Synology.

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    Re: Asset R6.2 for Mac / Linux

    Quote Originally Posted by PeterP View Post
    Beta 3, now with more Synology.
    Nice development to see official Synology support. Couple of questions:
    1) is this just for intel Synology boxes? Just installed the .spk file on my 416play (intel, runs fine) and my 214 (Marvell Armada, installed, but does not open). The Pi version of Asset does work on the 214. If there are restrictions could this be clarified.
    2) will it be possible for customers who have purchased a registered linux-x64 version for installation via a terminal window to get a licensed .spk version without further charge? My .spk version reports itself as unregistered, though I have previously installed the registered linux-x64 for version 6. Possibly updating DSM to 6.2 wiped that out, have not been running Asset for a while.


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    Re: Asset R6.2 for Mac / Linux

    I get a 404 trying to download the Mac .dmg

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