Win 10 x64

I'm a long time user of dbpoweramp audio tools. Am now evaluating the video tools...

I have a *.mov video created from a Shimano CM-1000 action camera. I'm trying to convert into *.mp4 format (no encoding) and receive the error:

Error converting to MP4 (copy, no encoding), '(snip'd)\SHIM0001.MOV' to '(snip'd)\SHIM0001-converted.mp4'
   [mov,mp4,m4a,3gp,3g2,mj2 @ 000001c9f9ebb180] c
  • I can play the raw video (SHIM0001.MOV) with the native Windows Media Player.
  • I've already installed the codecs.

Any suggestions on what may be causing this error and how to resolve?