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Thread: Read metadata XML file

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    Read metadata XML file

    I am trying to use the Read Metadata File DSP. Where do you put the source XML file for dBpoweramp to read it?

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    Re: Read metadata XML file

    If you use 'Write Metadata XML' this is the file name you need to use and the format it expects, it should be in the same folder as the music.

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    Re: Read metadata XML file

    Using Release 16.4 64bit CD Ripper

    I did the Write Metadata XML to get the format.
    I edited the first track for testing to the following (I'm using Twisted Sister-Stay Hungry CD) and saved it as UTF-8 named "01_Stay Hungry.xml";

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <Title name="Title">Stay Hungry</Title>
    more tags ...

    Rip to: FLAC encoder
    Path: Music\dBpoweramp Rips\
    Naming: Album Artist\Album\TrackNum_Title

    I have the following DSPs;
    Read metadata file (left Apply XSLT file and File extension bot blank)
    Replay Gain
    ID Tag Processing

    I put the xml file in the following directories and tested;
    Music\dBpoweramp Rips\
    Music\dBpoweramp Rips\Twisted Sister\Stay Hungry
    Music\dBpoweramp Rips\(Temp) (I set this directory as the temporary folder when converting)

    I have tried all 3 "When Ripping" options.
    I also tried removing all of the DSPs except Read metadata file.

    Nothing above has worked. What am I doing wrong?

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