Hi all,
I have been using dbPoweramp for years and using it with the Sony Vaio VDP XL-1B. I have run it in many configurations starting with XP MCE, XP Pro, Win 7, Win 8.1, and now Win 10 Pro. I have been able to get all these OS's to batch rip with the Sony Changer using this software. Up until now I have always had a single changer married to a single computer and therefor have always operated them simultaneously (I have 4 changers). It is time to retire a couple of the computers and rather than buy new ones I wanted to explore daisy chaining them and then launching a different Batch Ripper session for each changer in the daisy chain. I saw this suggested in another post to work around the problem of repeats when there are a different number of CD's in each changer. Isolating a changer to a Batch Ripper session would give each changer the anonymity necessary to control the batch specific to the changer.

My Problem: In Win 10 Pro I can't get Batch ripper to launch multiple sessions. Once I have a session open, if I go back to start another session it just takes me to the session already open. Is there a trick to launching multiple sessions?