I've searched through the forum's and help guides but I didn't really find an answer to my ReplayGain (not RP apply) setting questions. I do CD ripping for clients and I've started to think it would be a good idea to include RG tags just in case their media player of choice can read and use them. I need some guidance on the Write settings to use. Because the majority of my clients are Apple users I mainly rip in ALAC format and if I want to include iTunes Normalization which setting should I use? In the RG settings there are several options in the Write drop down:

*Track, Album Gain, & iTunes Track Normalization
*Track, Album Gain, & iTunes Album Normalization
*iTunes Track Normalization
*Album Gain & iTunes Album Normalization

Also, I'm confused as to how a media player would use both Track and Album gain settings should both be applied during ripping, is there some priority to which a player would read first, etc. I would appreciate a link to more detailed description of the various options.

Thank you for your assistance,