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Thread: CD Ripping and Readers Digest

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    CD Ripping and Readers Digest

    I love RD's three and four CD sets of music. I have a number of them and have started to take an interest in ripping them but I've discovered an alarming trend that I am interested in hearing opinions about. When I load the CD's there is nothing but track 1 and so on... no meta data!

    1. Why would anyone (RD did and on many sets) not tag the CD's with a single solitary shred of tagging. No artist, no track, no nothing. Anyone know why they do this or should I just be satisfied with the answer coming to my head. It's all about the money honey.

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    Re: CD Ripping and Readers Digest

    CDs don't contain metadata tags. The data that you see in CDRipper is obtained from 4 online database that CDRipper accesses, not from the CD. Note also, that these databases do not contain every single CD ever produced.

    The Readers Digest CD that you have no data for, does not (yet) exist in the 4 online databases. You will have to manually enter the data yourself.

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