Hey, have been using dBpoweramp Music Converter (now v16) for many years now and I'm now converting a major folder tree (over 800k files) from M4A to MP3.

In testing, for some reason its not keeping the file metadata which I really need for 'legal hold' purposes, specifically dates.

Because the files have been copied from iPhone, the original SYSTEM FILEMODIFYDATE/ACCESS/CREATE metadata (2017:02:15 15:58:37+08:00 for example) is overwritten with the date/time the file is copied to the server. When I look with EXIFtool I can see the QUICKTIME CREATE/MODIFYDATE attributes (2017:02:15 08:54:03) are both correct.

I was originally copying the date/time using IDTAGPROCESSING to the COMMENTS field - which was OK but not great, but it recently stopped working with a recent iOS update. The PRESERVESOURCEATTRIBUTES also does not work for the above reasons.

Anyone have any ideas how I can keep all the original file metadata.?