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Thread: Downlaod second Art

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    Downlaod second Art

    As my post of "problem Cdr ripper" i would can download a second art.

    best would be even 2 arts form Internet.

    Or minimum one from internet and one from file.

    For the moment visibly only Art 1 is downloaded and embeded to files.

    It would be perfect that "front cover" is Embedded and that "back cover" (by example) is just downloaded in directory with a different name.

    Can we change the default name (see print screen 'name Art') with the descriotion we have in the software (see print screen 'Art description')

    It would make something like:

    For front cover (if front cover choosen):

    [front album cover]- [artist] - [Album]...

    P.S. the [front album cover] comes from the description set to Art selected (see print screen 'Art description').

    For cover back:

    [Back album cover] - [artist] - [Ablum]
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