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Thread: Naming Convention for Compilation Albums

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    Naming Convention for Compilation Albums

    Hello! I had a question regarding the naming convention for compilation albums. I've read multiple threads about different naming conventions of users of dBpoweramp, and one consistency is that almost all of them like to keep their compilation albums in a folder called "Various Artists" or "Compilations", like so:

    [IFCOMP][IFVALUE]album artist,[album artist],Various Artists[][]\...

    which sets the naming convention so that if a compilation album is by one artist (i.e. the album artist), then the album will be put into the folder of that artist; if the compilation album does not have any album artist (i.e. is composed of several artists), then the CD will be put in a folder called "Various Artists".

    However, I do not typically rip the entirety of non-album-artist compilation albums, but rather rip them for a select few artists. Therefore, I would rather the tracks on that album be directed to their respective artist folder, effectively splitting up the compilation album across my music library. While this appears to not be conventional, I would rather be able to keep all songs by an artist in that artist's folder, rather than split between that artist's folder and a potpourri album called "Various Artists".

    Therefore, my naming convention is as follows:

    [IFVALUE]album artist,[album artist],[artist][]\([year]) [album][IFMULTI] [[disc_total]-CD Set]\Disc [disc]/[disc_total][]\[track] [title] - [artist] - [album] ([year])

    As can be seen, there are no [IFCOMP] or [IF!COMP] actions, which I deem unnecessary for my scheme. Will this naming scheme achieve what I want (that is, keeping any artist's songs solely in that artist's folder)?

    For example, using the artist Arcade Fire and the 2-disc compilation album "Dark Was the Night - Red Hot Compilation" (in which Arcade Fire appears only once), I would like:

    Arcade Fire
    ...(2004) Funeral
    ...(2007) Neon Bible
    ...(2009) Dark Was the Night - Red Hot Compilation [2-CD Set]
    ......Disc 2/2
    .........02 Lenin - Arcade Fire - Dark Was the Night - Red Hot Compilation (2009)
    ...(2010) The Suburbs
    ...(2013) Reflektor [2-CD Set]

    (Side note: the new album comes out in 2017, which breaks their tradition of releasing a studio album every three years. As someone who enjoys patterns ... bummer.)

    Thank you! Let me know if you have any other comments, questions, concerns, or advice! All input is appreciated!
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    Re: Naming Convention for Compilation Albums

    looks like this would work. Does it not work for you when you try to rip the compilation album you mention? Trial and error with various type albums is a good way to craft one's preferred naming pattern.

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