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  • Streaming Album Artist rather than Artist in Denon HEOS

    Hi: I'm streaming Asset from a qnap NAS to a Denon HEOS DLNA system. Everything works great except the when a track is playing, the Denon HEOS app reports the track name, the album artist and the album. Normally this would not be a problem, except for compilations, where the track then reports the...
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  • sjkiss
    started a topic Compilations Genre > Album

    Compilations Genre > Album

    Hi: I'm new to Asset and I'm really excited. Can someone make a suggestion how to modify the browsing tree to enable finding a compilations or various artists album by selecting a genre, then selecting an album? So, I have a Gordon Lightfoot tribute album by various artists. I have tagged all the tracks...
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  • MusicAnoobis
    started a topic Naming Convention for Compilation Albums

    Naming Convention for Compilation Albums

    Hello! I had a question regarding the naming convention for compilation albums. I've read multiple threads about different naming conventions of users of dBpoweramp, and one consistency is that almost all of them like to keep their compilation albums in a folder called "Various Artists"...
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  • Dummies Guide To Metadata Fields For Compilation Albums

    I know there are lots of other threads regarding this topic (many with conflicting information) but I wondered if there is a definitive guide (preferably from one of the development team) as to what metadata fields to set when ripping compilation albums?

    I've used Asset ever since purchasing...
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  • theandymanrocks
    started a topic Compilations in Asset UPnP

    Compilations in Asset UPnP

    I have the problem that Artists are not listed correctly on my Linn DS player when browsing and playing compilation albums. All of them are tagged with "Various Artists", "VA" or "Various" in Album Artist, with the song artist as artist and with the COMPILATION tag set...
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  • DrFink
    started a topic V3: Compilations

    V3: Compilations


    I started converting my music collection several years ago, so when I started I decided that I treat compilations like usual albums. I use the usual Artist and Album tag. For example, there is a 20-track-compilations called "Super Hits" with 20 different artists: all the...
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