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Thread: Acronova DupliQ CD/DVD Duplication System

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    Acronova DupliQ CD/DVD Duplication System


    I'm considering the purchase of this batch ripper which works wih Dbpoweramp so naturally I thought there must be some users here who can tell me of their experience with that device and Dbpoweramp ?

    Acronova DupliQ CD/DVD Duplication System

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    Re: Acronova DupliQ CD/DVD Duplication System

    5 year old thread but maybe I can add some useful info for someone out there...

    I use the Discmakers Pico which is identical to the DupliQ except for the label on it. I have used it almost exclusively for ripping CDs, several thousand of them. The robot arm portion of it has been basically flawless and has had only one pickup error with a CD that had a very bad hole. As for the CD mechanism, the CD portion of the mechanism performs very well and has the best reading capability of any optical drive I have ever owned, especially with scratched discs. This unit can handle 80mm discs which not many can.

    I have also duplicated a small number of CDs and DVDs with it (my guess is about 50) and it worked fine with that. This unit lacks a printer so if that is one of your requirements consider your options -- you'll either need to find a separate automated printer and add a manual step to the process or look for a different type of unit. This is also not a standalone duplicator -- a computer is required.

    My only complaint with the hardware is that the input/output trays have a limit of 25 discs. With any decent speed computer setup those 25 will last no more than 90 minutes before a refill is necessary. If I were purchasing one today I would get the Nimbie instead because it has a 100 disc capacity.

    I have used the ripper with an older software program called Riptastic, which is no longer for sale. It works very well with it. I recently got the robot working with dBpoweramp and it appears to work well with it. dBpoweramp is the most agressively priced software for doing batch ripping. QQripper will also work with the DupliQ but it has almost zero features for ripping and will depend on iTunes or WMP to do the work, both of which are very limited in ripping customization.

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