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Thread: Problem with CD Ripper R15.3

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    Problem with CD Ripper R15.3

    I have installed version R15.3 of CD ripper and now have a problem.
    I use DSP to delete the "Title" metadata.
    I use the naming code to add track number, space then title for the file name of the track.
    This has worked for all of the Windows version but not for this current version.

    The filename now only contains the track number.

    If I delete the DSP, it works, i.e. 01 Daydreamer

    However, I need the title metadata removed. I know I can do this with an ID Tag editor, but I don't want another process when I rip my music.

    Is this an overlooked bug?

    Any advice?

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    Re: Problem with CD Ripper R15.3

    No, the new R15.3 uses the DSP effects to handle naming.

    Many people were using ID Tag processing to change the tags, then creating the filename from said tags, and it would not match, it has been a bug for many many years.

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