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Thread: FLAC rip in dBpoweramp vs Foobar2000

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    FLAC rip in dBpoweramp vs Foobar2000

    Out of curiosity I ripped a CD in dBpoweramp and then the same CD in Foobar2000 (both set at compression level 0).

    dBpoweramp rip file size: about 385MB
    Foobar rip file size: about 285MB

    At first dBpoweramp had FLAC 1.3.1 and Foobar had FLAC 1.2.1. I thought that might be why the variation. I switched up Foobar so it is now using FLAC 1.3.1 and tried again. Same result.

    It seems no matter what you rip, image or tracks they all come out smaller when using Foobar.

    Not really a big deal. Just curiosity is all. My logic (!) says if you are using the same version of FLAC, it shouldn't matter what ripper you use.

    1. Does anyone know why there would be a difference in file size?
    2. Whatever the reason, I assume it makes no difference to the perfect copy of the CD, correct?

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