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Thread: Suggestion: "Intelligent" Conversion Feature

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    Suggestion: "Intelligent" Conversion Feature

    Hi everybody,

    I just did the following with my music library: I converted every file I had to FLAC-uncompressed, after half a day the whole affair is finished

    Some background on my idea: When I ripped all my CDs some years ago I already used FLAC but in a compressed setting (no uncompressed available at that time). I change to uncompressed at the moment it became possible. Result: A mix between compressed und uncompressed FLAC-files in my library. Right now the conversion process changes ALL audio files, including the ones that are already uncompressed.

    It would be great to include a feature that determines the state of the source file and leaves it untouched in case it already is in the destination state, i.e.

    source: flac compressed -> dest.: flac uncompressed,
    source: flac uncompressed -> skipped, taking care of the next file.

    It would speed up the whole process and avoid unnecessary alterations to the files. I assume the determination process might add a little time but after all the benefits are obvious, what do you think?


    P.S.: I hope there isnīt such a feature already included and Iīve just overlooked it...
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