Hello Everybody,

PerfectTUNES Album Art is a useless prgramm at the moment.
This thesis may be provoking, but for weeks meanwhile I haven't managed to write a single album cover art into my music library.
The library scanning/indexing works okay. Cover search is okay, too. But once I've picked an album cover art the program states "Error Writing to File" upon its try to apply the search result.
This is without exception.

Like many if not most others my music library is situated on a NAS (Synology 212 in my case).
All other programs (NO exceptions) can handle the NAS flawlessly (read AND write), e. g. file explorer, file sync software, player software.
PerfectTUNES Album Art offers hardly any options to adjust. The NAS is configuered with appropriate rights, of course, otherwise other programs would struggle, too (which they don't do).


I'm ready to demand a refund for my purchase, meanwhile... I'm really upset due to such a poor function.