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Thread: Command Set configuration into dMC Audio CD Input

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    May 2002

    Question Command Set configuration into dMC Audio CD Input


    dMC Audio CD Input seems to work find but I'm looking for informations on command set configuration.

    What setting should I use to optimize Reading with my PlexWriter 24/10/40A ?

    Is Error Correction working ?

    Thanks for any informations.

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    Apr 2002
    The first command set should be used by 99.999% of people.

    EC is not used yet, it does not do as you say though - it does not error correct, but rather highlights a flag to say the last read was corrupt (dirt or scratch), some other CD rippers then pick up on this and re-read the same section over-and-over again in the hope it will get lucky. I hope to stick this in for the next release in 4 weeks.

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