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Thread: Apple Lossless to FLAC conversion

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    Apple Lossless to FLAC conversion

    I am trying out if dBpoweramp 14.2 can convert Apple Lossless/ALAC-files to FLAC. With 'normal' files (44.1khz,16bit) it seems to work all right, but 96khz,24bit files just turn into noise after their conversion to FLAC. I notice the sample size reported for the FLAC is 16-bit (96khz), and after checking I find dBpoweramp displays a wrong sample size (16 bit again) for the Apple Lossless file to begin with. I suppose sample sizes are not handled correctly by the ALAC-decoder, or am I somehow screwing up things myself?

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    Re: Apple Lossless to FLAC conversion



    This uses Apples own decoding code, I have seen ALAC files out there which have been written incorrectly by programs (other than iTunes).

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