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Thread: Need help to set up the best ID-Tag and folder structure for Batch ripping

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    Question Need help to set up the best ID-Tag and folder structure for Batch ripping


    I'm new here at this forum, and have used some time to read a bit around in here.

    I have set up a PC with 8Gb RAM, 6-core AMD CPU and 4 S-ATA DVD reader/writer (Lite-On) in a small tower.
    Already tested a bit, and the speed now is not so bad.
    Will use multi-encoding to FLAC and VBR-MP3 saved in different folders.
    Anyone know if this setup can handle 2 more optical drives, for 6 in total? I think that all 6 cores will be used when ripping and doing multi-encoding already from 4 drives at the same time...
    And is it best to have different harddrives for FLAC and MP3? Thinking of any delay when writing two different files at one disk at the same time.....
    I guess a bit more testing on different hardware setup is needed to find out about this.

    But I have problems to find the best setup before I start the big job with all the CD's.
    Need to find out a bit more about Secure/Accurate rip, would like to get the best possible readout (no errors) of the CD's, but speed is also needed.
    But don't know what settings will be best for that.

    Also the big question is how to set up the folder structure. If it is best, I can sort out the different CD types before ripping like normal album, album with more than one disk, movie soundtrack, various artist disc and singles.
    Then use different settings for each type of album. For example I got one folder for each artist on a various artist album, with one track in each folder.
    And that is not what I want, think it is better to have the album together in one folder. So I guess the settings must be changed depending on what kind of album it is?

    The ID-tag I guess also should be a bit different on the different types of album, or will the Meta data found online from AMG, GD3..... tag the different albums correct automaticly?
    The music will later be played from a NAS to different type of players. A mediabox like the D-link Boxee, on a DNLA compatible Blu-ray player, a Android mobile phone and different types of media programs for PC like MediaPortal and XBMC.
    So the view on the platforms with nice looking OSD like MediaPortal and XBMC would be album based with cover art. And on any type of player the possibility to search for artist, album, track and so on should be OK.

    So if anyone have the time and knowledge to guide me through a good setup for this system, I would be happy!

    Regards, Nettulf

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    Re: Need help to set up the best ID-Tag and folder structure for Batch ripping

    You setup should be able to handle 4 drives with out issue, you only need 1 Hdd.

    Metadata and folder naming are handled automatically, nothing needs setting up.

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    Re: Need help to set up the best ID-Tag and folder structure for Batch ripping

    Hi, and thx for the answer.

    I have tested with different CD's, and one problem is that VA-albums like Absolute Music xx, Top 50 Hits xx and so on make one folder for each artist on the disk.
    And with ripping of double albums I often only got both CD's tagged like 2 different CD's and not disc 1 of 2, disc 2 of 2.
    Also when ripping several albums of the same artist, all of the tracks go in the same artist folder, and not different album folders.

    Is it possible to get GD3 lockup of Meta in the normal CD-ripper without anything more than a normal license for dBpoweramp Reference R14?
    Now that part is not showing any data when I check under PerfectMeta, also I can not find any cover pictures when I try to find on internet. On some albums I must do a normal Google picture search on the internet, find the right image and download it.

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    Re: Need help to set up the best ID-Tag and folder structure for Batch ripping

    If you have changed the naming value from the default, then possibly yes the album could be split.

    Open the naming page and click 'Default', and make sure that 'Compilation' is checked for these VA CDs.

    GD3 requires dBpoweramp Reference.

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