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Thread: Convert from CUE & APE to MP3

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    Question Convert from CUE & APE to MP3

    Is there a way to Convert the CUE & APE file into the individual component songs (with Title, etc...)

    I have 2 large .APE files with associated .CUE files (listing the song titles and timing breakdowns). I tried to conver the APE file solo, but it just converted to one large MP3 file. When trying to convert both files - they just display as 1 large MP3 and one unknown.

    The conversion tool does not allow the reading of the CUE file to allow for splitting the songs - am I missing that or is it hidden?

    I have looked into the Length Splitter - but it only allows for set durations as opposed to individual song durations based on the CUE file.

    Any help would be appreciated.....


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    Re: Convert from CUE & APE to MP3

    Not with dBpoweramp

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    Re: Convert from CUE & APE to MP3

    Quote Originally Posted by Spoon View Post
    Not with dBpoweramp
    try with foobar2000. Not sure it can handle either but it handles most file types and worth a try....it certainly works with FLAC with cue files in terms of creating separate FLAC files for each track....

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