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  • Turn Hidden Tracks into Seperate Tracks While Still Having "Bit-Accurate" album?

    There are actually two, similar, "re-tracking" questions I had, that I don't believe have been answered (at least to do with still having a bit-accurate CD).

    Firstly, let me explain the logic: As far as I'm aware, an album-Flac (assuming it passes AccurateRip/CTDB) is a bit-accurate...
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  • New ripping project: batch + perfectmeta + cue/flac & seperate flac & mp3

    New to dBpa and about to begin ripping several hundred CDs. My goals:
    1. Use nimbie and BatchRipper
    2. Get best possible metadata and album art
    3. Maintain consistent file naming scheme
    4. Produce an exact replica (to be able to burn an exact replica later) for archival
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  • LNL
    started a topic Convert from CUE & APE to MP3

    Convert from CUE & APE to MP3

    Is there a way to Convert the CUE & APE file into the individual component songs (with Title, etc...)

    I have 2 large .APE files with associated .CUE files (listing the song titles and timing breakdowns). I tried to conver the APE file solo, but it just converted to one large MP3 file....
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  • nfischer
    started a topic How to: (Big FLAC + CUE) => Separate FLAC files?

    How to: (Big FLAC + CUE) => Separate FLAC files?

    After looking around the forum it appears that the following is currently not possible using dbPoweramp:

    Input: ((Big FLAC File CD Album) + (Existing CUE File)) ==> Output: (Separate FLAC Files)

    Please correct me if I am wrong! :smile2:

    Thank you in a...
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  • enestu
    started a topic A little question about .cue before buy

    A little question about .cue before buy

    I use search future in the forum but found nothing except in wishlist. Googling: idem...
    I tried dbpoweramp and didn't find anything about cue sheet files.

    I just want to rip my cd collection (>800) to my nas for my squeezebox touch. I already have "ripped" near 100...
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  • albgatmty
    started a topic iTunes codec

    iTunes codec


    What version of iTunes codec does dBpoweramp use for AAC and ALAC?
    Could dBpoweramp split an APE album with the CUE file?

    Thanks for your help.

    Best regards,

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  • patchcr
    started a topic Rip copies that can be burned as original

    Rip copies that can be burned as original

    I am using dbPA -Paid- to rip my boyfriend's collection. I have run some trials and found dbPA to be the BEST ripping option but I have some questions.

    My goal is to rip each disc in a way that it can be burned back to disc as a copy of the original. The idea here is that I will probably...
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  • IamNemo
    started a topic Bit-perfect bin/cue files: possible??

    Bit-perfect bin/cue files: possible??

    What is the best way to generate a bit-perfect / accurate / secure rip of an audio CD (or DVD) to create a perfect bin/cue file of the disc?

    I do not want to encode it (mp3 or flac or...) at this point. Just want to archive the disc perfectly and encode it later.

    A command...
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  • Vulcan
    started a topic CUE Sheet Support...

    CUE Sheet Support...

    I've been patiently awaiting CUE sheet support since CD Ripper first came out. Are we going to be seeing it sometime soon Spoon?
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