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Thread: .aa files only convert partially

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    .aa files only convert partially

    I used to convert my audiobooks with the old directshow filter, just takes a few clicks and I didn't experience any problems in the past.

    There seems to be some kind of change with newer books though, dMC only converts the first 10-20% of the book and then tells me it's done.

    I haven't been able to find a pattern yet, one time a book only plays for the two chapters, next time I try to convert it it starts in the middle of the book at a new chapter, then stops abruptly mid-sentence.

    I'm curious whether this is some kind of new tactic to make .aa conversion harder, has anybody else purchased any audible books lately?

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    Re: .aa files only convert partially

    I'd also appreciate knowing the answer. I'm trying to get .aa audio books from audible.co.uk to play on my Archos 605. On the Archos forum, it was suggested to use DirectShow - I've downloaded the dbpoweramp Music Converter, but can't find DirectShow, so I'm stuck...

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    Re: .aa files only convert partially

    Wish I could help.
    I listen to lots of books using iPhone app. I have made mp3 files by burning virtual CD files. Its not like being able to convert the files but if you want a particular book on MP3 instead of 15 CDs, it works.

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    Re: .aa files only convert partially

    iPhone isn't a problem - I've put my audio books on there OK, but I aslo want to put them on my Archos 605, and that's where the problem lies...

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