I'm a new user, having installed dbpoweramp in Win XP SP3 so that I can make ALAC versions of 6 BWAV files without having to install the dreaded iTunes.

I know little about the ALAC format but assume it provides room for simple tags like Item/Track *blooper*, Artist, Title.

While the source BWAVs have all sorts of info that doesn't need to be on the destintation ALACs, there's nothing I could use for the 3 tags mentioned above. However, Item *blooper* and Title, are incorporated into the file name.

I'm familiar with foobar2000, and would use it for this, but it can't encode to ALAC without needing to have iTunes installed just so it can use iTunes ALAC encoder. I deeply hate iTunes and therefore will not clutter up my PC with it.

If I could use foobar, I'd use a common Artist name for all 6 files, plus Item *blooper* and Title tags derived by using the foobar's text functions to extract this information from the filenames.

Is there any way to do something like this in dbpoweramp ?