Hey folks,

Seems like such a simple thing that I'm overlooking, so, no doubt it's my idiocy somewhere. My search in the forum didn't yield an answer, so I apologize if it's been a topic.

Even if I have the NeroDigital AAC codec installed (the additional required download), when I attempt to transcode via m4a Nero (AAC)... I'm always still prompted with the notification dialog: "Before using this encoder a seperate component must first be installed from..." (yeah, I see the typo in "seperate" but that is the way it is spelled )

BUT, when I dismiss this dialog, it still works fine. So my question is, "How do I shut off the notification?"

Thanks kindly.

dbPowerAmp v14.0 reference
m4a Nero AAC from dbPowerAMP v14r2
neroAacEnc.exe v1.5.4.0
Using "Right-Click" context menu to Covert WAV to m4a Nero (AAC)
Window XP sp3 / default browser IE v6